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    I am not very good with these things so here it goes I am a proud mom of two grown kids and a 17month old grandbaby I have not thought much about riding in a long time my kids have been the focus of my life and will continue to be so but my life goals are also very important and I am hoping to achieve them in the near future but recently with the passing of my 20 year old son I have realized that life is too short and should be fun too not just all responsibility and obligation. I am beginning to learn to ride and have always had an interest in motor sports I am having a great time in the process I love the outdoors like my son and would prefer to live that way if I could. My goals are to learn to ride bikes well and eventually race stock cars and possibly sprints I grew up around the tracks back home in Texas and have always had a passion for it! I dedicate my site to my kids especially my son Tony and to the parents who have lost a child my son would have wanted me to enjoy life and not take it for granted! I say live life to it's fullest and if there is anyone out there that can help me achieve these goals within the industry on how to get started please give me a shout it is greatly appreciated God Bless, be safe and have fun!! A special thanks to the man in my life who's passion for bikes and life in general has inspired me to go for it!!
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