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    tac says:

    "The girls caan rock hard aswell... Keala Kennelly is on the cover of Billabong XXL and its well deserved!


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    roninbob says:

    "I'm sorry but these guy's and girl's are having intirely too much fun,and I'm jealous.What a rush.The North Shore of Oahu is out of control too!"

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    yzman31 says:

    "Shane is a master. "In God's hands""

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    diego chevez

    diego chevez says:

    "Experience the Pura Vida!

    Costa Rica Coast has some of the finest surf in Central America and its warm waters and endless waves attract surfers all year long. Here they say "Pura Vida", meaning "Man, it's fine!"

    Uvita surfcamp home is located in 100 yards north from Ballena national Marine Park in Uvita-Dominical Puntarenas, a small town that is home to amazing breaks in the Osa Peninsula.

    Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer, we are the right choice for you. And if you want to tailor a custom package, just let us know and we will work with you to create the surfing experience you've always imagined. We specialize in high quality surfing lessons, surfing trips, and surfboard rentals from Dominical to Uvita.

    * Lessons are held at beautiful Colonia Beach in the Ballena National Marine Park near Uvita and Dominical. With its sandy bottom and smooth, perfectly shaped waves, Colonia Beach is the ideal location to learn how to surf or progress to the next level. Tito and his instructors will guide you, providing the highest quality surfing instruction. We use proven programs that are designed for quick learning as well as fun and safety.
    * Our local surfers work to provide you with accurate tide and wave forecasts so you can find the best surf conditions for your surf trip. Palo Seco, Playa Rey, Playa Dominical, Pavones & Matapalo are just some of the terrific surfing spots along South Costa Rican coast we can guide you to.

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  • Meanwhile, Down Under: a sneak peek at Surfing magazine's swimsuit issue

    Nobody spends more time with bikini-clad beauties than surfers. In fact, some have even argued that the whole surfing act is nothing but a mating dance being performed for those beauties on the beach. The males, all bare chested and bronzed, are merely competing for attention with their intricate dance on the water. They even flirt with danger in order to prove they have all the bravery, strength and skill of a good suitor. Remarkably, evidence even seems to support this theory. Take Kelly Slater, the world's best surfer, whose longtime girlfriend, Kalani Miller, isn't just gorgeous, she owns her own swimsuit company.

    So it really shouldn't really surprise us that the best "Swimsuit Issue" in the world is actually published by the boys at Surfing magazine. In fact, the Surfing magazine crew is just back from a grueling trip to Australia, where summer is in full swing and sunscreen is in short supply. It looks like some tough work. And while they're recovering from their dog days Down Under, you can take a sneak peek behind the scenes.

    Take a look at Surfing Magazine's photo gallery
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  • Bodyboarder's Skeleton Bay tube ride reveals Namibia's precious gem

    Surf spots don't get any more remote than Skeleton Bay. It's a break that's still shrouded in secrecy, but we know it's hidden among the desolate coast of Namibia. Until recently, that fog-shrouded stretch of southwest Africa was known only for shipwrecks and diamond mining. Then a few years ago Surfing magazine editors encouraged their readers to use the fledgling Google Earth to find the next great spot, and the discovery of a gorgeous rolling gem was made on that forbidden corner.

    Incredibly, the perfectly shaped wave lived up to all the hype created by their satellite reconnaissance. Rides lasting more than a minute transport riders a half mile down the beach. "Our first real look at the wave was life altering," recalls Surfing magazine photo editor Pete Taras. "We knew right away it was one of the best wave discoveries ever." And the latest view shows us why, since even non-surfers can marvel at bodyboarder Ewan Donnachie as he threads his way through several hollow sections of the incredible spinning caverns found at Skeleton Bay.

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    PHOTOS - Behind the scenes of Surfing magazine's swimsuit issue
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  • Did Garrett McNamara just break his own world record?

    Hawaiian big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara will go to any lengths to chase a massive swell. On Monday that pursuit took him back to Praia do Norte, a tiny coastal village about 60 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal, where he got pulled into a massive wave that has the entire surfing world in awe.

    What's remarkable about the wave McNamara rode Monday is how much bigger it appears than his record-breaking ride at the very same spot back in November of 2011. That 2011 ride is currently recognized as the Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever surfed, at 78 feet.

    The decision to give McNamara that record was a controversial one, as it was ruled a single foot bigger than the 2008 record set by Mike Parsons at Cortes Bank, a wave that breaks 100 miles off the coast of Southern California. Naturally, the debate over whether McNamara's wave was truly worthy of the honor raged.


    Related: Garret McNamara not to blame in Cortes Bank controversy

    At issue was the questionable method of measuring the wave, which is a problem that faces the judges every year during the annual Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards. The XXL Awards are the most prestigious honors for big-wave surfers, thanks mostly to the judging panel comprised of experienced big-wave legends, leading surf forecasters, and experienced photographers, all of whom examine all the evidence that exists for each ride to pinpoint a measurement.

    VIDEO: Compare this to McNamara's world record ride from 2011

    "The hard part isn't locating the top of the wave," says Bill Sharp, director of the XXL Awards. "It's finding the bottom of it, because that's the point where you start measuring from. The challenge is photos and video can both be deceiving depending on the angle of the shot, the size of the lens used, and even stuff like mist and water color."

    The latest example is McNamara's wave from Monday. At first glance, it looks incredibly massive. Bigger, even, than his 2011 ride. But will it hold up under scrutiny?

    "It's hard to say," says Sharp. "We should be seeing video of it in the next day or so, and that will be a lot more revealing because it allows us to see where and when the surfer reaches the bottom."

    So what do you think? Where's the bottom of this beast? Is it a new record? Weigh in.

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  • Bike magazine weighs in on the new Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc

    What's the best mountain bike out there? Experts will tell you there is no right answer to that question. After all, the mountain biking experience is different for everyone. What's good for the casual trail rider is hardly the right fit for the big mountain bomber. Skill level, of course, plays a vital role as well. And while all mountain bikers understand these variables well, they still yearn to know what the best "all around" bike is.

    Naturally, this causes great pains for the editors of Bike magazine, who disappear into the hills every year to put all the latest models through their paces in order to review them for their annual Bike Magazine Bible, the most comprehensive guide to mountain bikes on the market. Once each editor has completed testing, the group gets together to compare notes, and debate each bike's pros and cons. Naturally, the discussions can get lively.

    This year's best performer during their grueling review happened to be the Santa Cruz Tallboy, which was the only bike that appeared in each editor's Top 3 picks. So what is it about the bike that makes it worth dishing out roughly 6 grand? Watch the video of Bike magazine's staff members Travis Engel, Vernon Felton, Ryan LaBar, and Brice Minnigh to find out.

    See more exclusive Bike magazine video reviews of the latest 2013 bikes>>
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  • The 2013 Supercross saga takes a terrifying turn in Oakland

    Has Ryan Villopoto really bounced back from his slow start? Are James Stewart's best days behind him? Is Davi Millsaps suddenly dominant? Can Trey Canard continue to tough it out? And what's really going on with Ryan Dungey?

    While there was big drama in the 450sx class, things are heating up in the 250sx as well. That's where Cole Seely and Ken Roczen have a nice little battle going on. Photo: Shan Moore/Dirtrider.com

    The above questions are still being asked after an eventful Round Four of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series in Oakland, California, where a very controversial course design played a major role in the ongoing saga. At issue were the whoops--or more important--where the whoops were placed, which was right after the first turn.

    The problem with that is riders come out of the first turn packed like sardines, with absolutely no breathing room. Once they start bouncing through whoops in that kind of formation it's only a matter of time before a breakdown occurs, and that's exactly what happened in the final, as Chad Reed went a little wild in those woops and brought a few key players with him, including Canard, Stewart, Josh Grant, and Justin Barcia.

    Needless to say the crash had a significant impact on the race. Ryan Villopoto became the first rider to grab two wins on the season, and being that he won them back to back, it's safe to say he's now on a roll. As for the rest, we defer to our friends over at Dirt Rider, who have summed up all the highs and lows of Oakland in their weekly installment of... What Really Happened: Oakland Supercross>>
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