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    tac says:

    "The girls caan rock hard aswell... Keala Kennelly is on the cover of Billabong XXL and its well deserved!


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    roninbob says:

    "I'm sorry but these guy's and girl's are having intirely too much fun,and I'm jealous.What a rush.The North Shore of Oahu is out of control too!"

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    yzman31 says:

    "Shane is a master. "In God's hands""

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    diego chevez

    diego chevez says:

    "Experience the Pura Vida!

    Costa Rica Coast has some of the finest surf in Central America and its warm waters and endless waves attract surfers all year long. Here they say "Pura Vida", meaning "Man, it's fine!"

    Uvita surfcamp home is located in 100 yards north from Ballena national Marine Park in Uvita-Dominical Puntarenas, a small town that is home to amazing breaks in the Osa Peninsula.

    Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer, we are the right choice for you. And if you want to tailor a custom package, just let us know and we will work with you to create the surfing experience you've always imagined. We specialize in high quality surfing lessons, surfing trips, and surfboard rentals from Dominical to Uvita.

    * Lessons are held at beautiful Colonia Beach in the Ballena National Marine Park near Uvita and Dominical. With its sandy bottom and smooth, perfectly shaped waves, Colonia Beach is the ideal location to learn how to surf or progress to the next level. Tito and his instructors will guide you, providing the highest quality surfing instruction. We use proven programs that are designed for quick learning as well as fun and safety.
    * Our local surfers work to provide you with accurate tide and wave forecasts so you can find the best surf conditions for your surf trip. Palo Seco, Playa Rey, Playa Dominical, Pavones & Matapalo are just some of the terrific surfing spots along South Costa Rican coast we can guide you to.

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  • What's your first car story?

    Is there anything more liberating than that first set of car keys in your hand? That's the question the people at Subaru asked the other day while telling us about their new firstcarstory.com website.

    For most of us, that's the day when the world's possibilities become real. The horizon is suddenly well within reach. I know that was the case with my first car, which wasn't a car at all, but a massive Dodge Maxi-Van.

    By the time I was handed down driving rights to our family's late 70's battle cruiser it had suffered unmerciful poundings by way of our family of eight. Of course, its massive size didn't bother me. Nor did its dents, scratches or even the holes in the floor. The bed in back was perfect protection for my surfboards, and the ample room made it possible for me to extort gas money from all my surfing buddies.

    There was just one problem. I earned my first driver's license when I was a towering 5'3" grommet weighing in a t115 lbs, which meant I was barely visible to those peering up at me, including the police. Getting pulled over became routine as a result. No amount of pillows or phonebooks could change that.

    While this became a pain at times it was always enjoyable watching the cops react. And really, for my freedom I wouldn't have cared if I got pulled over everyday.

    That's my first car story. The people at Subaru want you to tell yours. If you do, they'll send you a cool little animated video of your story shortly after. Above is mine.
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