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    Heroes:Evil Knievel "I would rather do something & live to regret it than live with the regret of never knowing." "So what if it'll hurt, life hurts anyway..."
    Music:White Strips, Dead Kennedys, Ozzy, Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphy's, DRI, CRASS, Agnostic Front, The Addicts, Angry Samoens, SOD, GWAR, REAL Ska (old skool), NWA, Public Enemy, Anthrax, Pantera, The Grouch, ELIgh, Murs, Emanon, Flogging Mollys, Rancid, Jet, Rancid, MMBosstones, Less Than Jake, anything Rock, reggae, 311, SLAYER SLAYER SLAYER :P & Suicidal Tendancies...I luv
    Movies:Tombstone, Gone in 60 Seconds (awesome), Lost Boys
    Shows:tv....hmm dont do much tv....commercials...I dont know...
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