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    Name:Avery Hall
    Lives In:Ansbach, South Carolina
    Birthday:August 15, 1998
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    Wassup, my name is Avery AKA (scissors), haha, and I love skating and I'm still getting better everyday. I started skating in October of 2011. I can do boardslides, FS shuv its, reg shuv its, sex change shuv its, 180 ollies, FS 180 ollies, and i can fakie all of these. But I don't have any flip tricks down yet. But I am willing to get better. I seriously can't stop skating. Haha. My biggest inspiration? Chris Cole. That dude is beast. I hope to get EXACTLY like him. Maybe better. But besides skating, I like hanging out with friends and prank calling walmarts while eating a whole watermelon. I do realize getting older means responsibility. If I were to get sponsered, I would have to realize School would get in the way along with other things. But I'm sure I could handle these dangers. Of course, I would also represent the sponsor. Well, I gotta go skate haha.

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