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    Name:Demolisten on KXLU 88.9fm Los Angeles
    Lives In:Los Angeles, California
    United States
    Birthday:January 1, 1984
    Heroes:Live feed right below...when we're not live, it will play last weeks performance. When we are, just hit that webcam button and you'll be connected to the feed! Every Friday, live music at 7pm, cali time....
    hmmmm...me thinks this rss feed is crap...
    Interests:more videos to come (as soon as we convert em). For now, you can go to the Demolisten Performance Archive to view past shows and performances.
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    The best in unsigned bands, homemade demos, live music and local bands. Every Friday from 6pm-8pm on KXLU 88.9FM Los Angeles or streaming live on kxlu.com. You can also watch live perfomances at http://www.stickam.com/kxludemolisten, www.myspace.com/kxludemolisten or right below. You can browse past performances over at our Stickam profile. Live performances start at 7pm every Friday.

    This show has been playing nothing but demo’s since 1984. Demolisten is famous for being the number one source for homespun, home recorded, self released recordings. If your label has a couple bands on it with little to no distribution, you’re not kiddding anyone, just send us your Demos.

    Demolisten is the first radio show in the world to play: Faith No More, Jane’s Addiction, Beck, Guns N Roses, The Radar Bros, DJ Me DJ You, Sukia, Future Pigeon, Wiskey Biscuit, Silversun Pickups, Earlimart, Great Northern, Peter and the Wolf, Let’s Go Sailing, Foreign Born, Dengue Fever, Devics, Artichoke, Ukefink, Spain, Josh Hayden, The Coral Sea, The Happy Hollows, Eagle and Talon, Ariel Pink, John Maus, Holy Shit, Paris Hilton Motherfuckers, Pop Defect, Project K, blah blah…. Just listen and you’ll see.

    If you’re in a band, and haven’t send your demo to us, Send it! All submissions are listened to. . KXLU Demolisten 1 LMU Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045 . Check out archives of our audio at www.demolisten.org

    TONIGHT!!! AWESOME NIGHT OF ALL AWESOME NIGHTS!!! Electric Russia and 8bit performing live!!! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!
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    Mezzanine Owls Live

    Mezzanine Owls Live

    8 years ago


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    The Crew

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    Posted by sk8er_chick1 August 18, 2008 08:32am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hey waz up


    Reply by Demolisten August 29, 2008 09:56am PDTReport Abuse

    suuuuppppp nothing new. Gonna check out the show tonight?


    Posted by Demolisten August 11, 2008 11:04am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    If anyone is in Los Angeles tonight...Demolisten showcase out in Silverlake at the Pehrspace...details here. http://www.pehrspace.org/

    michael scott

    Posted by michael scott August 1, 2008 09:58pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    rockin music u should go live on tv


    Reply by Demolisten August 5, 2008 10:22am PDTReport Abuse

    why thanks...we may be doing some VOD stuff soon...for now though, being live on the radio is good enuff 4 me


    Posted by skatergirl13 August 1, 2008 06:13pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    thats cool


    Posted by liveitorskateit93 August 1, 2008 04:19pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    cool music


    Posted by skatergirl13 August 1, 2008 03:40pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    thanks . what kind of music is it


    Reply by Demolisten August 1, 2008 03:46pm PDTReport Abuse

    all sorts of stuff...punk to indie style stuff...usually unsigned bands. Some of the bands that were first played on our show are Beck, Silversun Pickups, Guns n Roses, Janes Addicition...there are a billion more. All crazy underground. Varies from week to week....


    Reply by Demolisten August 1, 2008 03:49pm PDTReport Abuse

    also, if yr in los angeles or the area, you can listen on 88.9fm, or just go to kxlu.com and stream the radio station!


    Posted by liveitorskateit93 July 31, 2008 11:43am PDTReply | Report Abuse



    Reply by Demolisten July 31, 2008 12:51pm PDTReport Abuse

    hey hey there...check back in a little bit...gonna have some videos uploaded.

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