• Is Cable the Future of Wakeboarding?

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    With today's tough economic times, everyone's wondering how their sport will be impacted. Wakeboarding is no different. The need for new boats, new boards, gas and all the accessories all have huge price tags, things that have kept barriers to entry pretty high for wakeboarders. You might say it's a rich man's sport. Meanwhile, cable has always seemed to be the red-headed stepchild of wakeboarding in America. Yet now boat sales are dropping as the economy declines while life in the Cable Parks is undoubtedly picking up.

    Like skate parks, cable parks do facilitate progress as riders converge. But skate parks also are a double edged sword, with the wrong builder a skate park can hinder progression and even the community. The same idea applies to Cable Parks around the world. The wrong type of park can be a PR disaster. Whether the communities realize this or not isn't clear, but new innovators like the Wake Park Project are building new cable parks that cater to the rider. High quality obstacles and cable equipment allow the parks to bring in a steady flow of riders and invite new riders.

    Boat companies have also invested in their boats and evolved them into 24ft cruise ships. One has to be realistic in times like these. The idea of going out and buying a brand new boat for $60,000 and affording to keep gas flowing is just unrealistic for many. Cable riding opens new doors for venues and for communities looking to build a local wakeboard scene. The initial investment in a full size cable park is large but the return can easily be as rewarding. With new cable parks popping up all over the world daily it's amazing to see the community that grows around these parks. Parks are opening in places that were never known for wakeboarding but now tons of riders are going out to the cable park stoked to be able to be a part of it.

    System 2.0 is a new innovation in cable systems. Created by the Wake Park Project it is a single cable system that can be set up in a small retention pond or across a river. The initial purchase of the system is only $40,000 dollars and fuel consumption is so minimal with it being electric. The possibilities with the system 2.0 are endless. The system was first seen seen public at the 2008 Red Bull Wake Lab in Orlando, FL. Spectators and Riders alike were blown away. With even more advances coming soon System 2.0 is on the forefront of cable systems.

    So this summer when your strapped for cash and can't get out on the boat. Try out your local cable and maybe you'll be hooked. Most cable parks offer passes for $500- $600 bucks for half the year, that's one payment on a boat. Don't worry if you don't have a cable park near by, there are tons of cable parks in the works across America and Europe.

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