• My Info

    Name:Dustin Schmermund
    Lives In:Dayton, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:August 25, 1993
    Music:I like music, doesn't matter what kind it is.
    Movies:There probably not a movie i haven't seen.
    Shows:I watch a lot of sports and reality shows.
    Interests:Hangin out with friends and family. Sports and the Outdoors.
  • About

    My name is Dustin, i'm from Dayton Ohio. I'm hopin to start college within the next year, hopefully at OSU. I like just about every sport there is and the outdoors which is where i spend most of my time. When i cant find nothing to do i usually go to the movies; i'm a big movie buff. Love to hang out with friends and family, they cant be replaced so i try to spend as much time with them as possible. Feel free to chat with me or send a friend request.