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    Name:Erin Tobin
    Lives In:Chicago, Illinois
    United States
    Heroes:My parents, my brother, my friends....There is a reason why I surround myself with these people. Of course Kevin Pearce, he is a talented and strong guy.
    Music:Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Black Eye Peas, Ska, Classic Rock, Rock, Anything I can dance to...anything and everything!
    Movies:Boondock Saints, The Hangover, My Best Friend's Girl, 300, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, and Empire Records.
    Shows:Seinfield, Grey's, Snowboarding...don't really watch TV.
    Interests:Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Running, Weight lifting, Skateboarding, Jet ski'n, Dancing, Guys, drinking and chilling with my friends!
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    Jet Ski

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    I get better with age in every which way! I grew up a girly girl, but the older I get the more risks I take. I am a hard working/successful woman. I don't believe there isn't ANYTHING I can't achieve. If I want it, i can and will get it...It is all about hard work and determination. I'm a Midwest city girl trying to move to Southern California. Once I get a job, I am there. I have my bikini's packed and ready to go. I hope to learn how to surf more and hit up Mammoth Mountain for a little snowboarding when I get there. I wakeboard right now, I'm just average, but I have fun. Dancing is my thing. Give me a (1) beer,LOL, and I will end up dancing the night away. My friends find me rather entertaining. I love going out with my girlies (tri pod) and causing trouble. I'm basically adorable, but don't let the innocent face fool you!

    "I may be too much woman for you. I am strong and comfortable being strong and I like that I am strong. And if that is too much woman for you and if that makes your junk feel tiny, I am not going to make myself smaller. I'm not going to put myself in a box so that you feel like a big man. I am a big woman. You either get use to it or you get out!" - Private Practice

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