• My Info

    Lives In:New York
    United States
    Heroes:My Brother,Rob Dyrdek
    Music:Rock,Punk,Hard Rock,Metal,Heavy Metal,Some Hip-Hop And Some Rap
    Movies:Norbit,Blades Of Glory,Hot Rod,Grind,Beowulf,ATHF Colon,Family Guy The Untold Story,The Simpsons Movie,Vacancy
    Shows:George Lopez,Family Guy,The Simpsons,ATHF(Aqua Teen Hunger Force),Futurama,The Bondocks,Fresh Prince
    Interests:Skateboarding,Snowboarding,Playing With My Tech Deck
  • About

    I love to skateboard because i saw my big brother skating and i was five years old,,when ever I fell down he said are you all right? then he said try it again,he inspired me to get up one more time than you fall down,at age six i started skating and still do till this very moment,skteboarding is my passion and life I love the sport so much,skating is barely a sport it is a lifestyle to me, I also snowboard because it is fun and is similar to skateboarding because most of the tricks from skateboarding are some snowboard tricks like the indy or tailgrab and the newest the kickflip on a snowboard.Thank you brother