• Post a photo of your FASL Winnings and get a Quik Wallet

    We gave away over 500 prizes in 2010. Were you a winner? Post your photos online and we will send you a Quiksilver Wallet. *(for the first 20 postings)

    FASL User RydrHi posted this photo with his Prizes and it got us thinking. From now until the start of the Quik Pro Snapper, we're going to run a Promotion. Post a photo of yourself with your winnings and we'll send you this Quik Wallet valued at $34.

    Quik Secondary Wallet

    If it was product, take a photo of the product. If it was money, take a photo of the Paypal receipt (don't leave any identifying Paypal marks - protect your Paypal identity!) We're going to post the best photos on our Facebook Page, on our Twitter Page and in our FASL Comments section.

    The first 20 people to post their photos and send us the link will receive a wallet. In addition, we will choose the most creative posting and that person will also receive this Quiksilver Backpack.

    Quick Schoolie Backpack
    So get creative and get going! Don't forget to include your FASL Username with your posting so that we can identify you or we won't be able to send you your wallet.

    And don't worry RydrHi - we've already set a wallet aside for you.