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    Name:FEW NZ Clothing
    Lives In:Auckland
    New Zealand
    Heroes:The unknowns hittin it everyday for passion and pleasure, seeking out the natural highs of skate, surf and boarding.
    Music:Elemeno P, The Mint Chicks, The Datsuns, Ladi 6, Autozamm, The Black Seeds, Nesian Mystic, Salmonella Dub and a ton of other local stuff. Um, Notorious BIG, Talib Kweli (or however you spell it), Mos Def, Sabbath, Led Zep, MF Doom, The Faint, TVOTR, Hot Chip. Pretty much too many to mention.
    Shows:Outrageous Fortune, Jono's New Show, Family Guy, South Park and a couple of NZ shows I'm too embarrassed to admit to. NZ TV is pretty crap unless you have SKY.
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