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    Lives In:Hoodsport, Washington
    United States
    Birthday:October 9, 1946
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    I consider every second spent outdoors a blessing, especially spent here in Washington, or with my friends in Plains, Montana. I'm in excellent shape. I take no meds but aspirin and 3 fish oil caps against my will.
    I stopped hunting a few years ago, and replaced my 300 Savage with a camera.
    We've been married 28 years. Would never trade her for another.
    I love to flyfish, but a small Mepps, Colorado Spinner, nightcrawler, or even a #1 green frog flatfish is acceptable.
    We love to camp. At Shoalwater is a favorite and at Greyland. Beautiful people and country. And Cranberry bogs for pete's sake.
    Our favorite locations include, Upper Clearwater, Upper Queets,South Beach in the park, Ruby Beach, The Hoh, Sol Duc, Joyce on the Straights,and closer to home Big Quil trail, Mt Townsend, Greywolf, Hamma Hamma, and Cushman.
    We walk, beachcomb, bike, mt bike, and gasping is an accurate description, usually somewhere along the day's events..