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    Name:Flavia Pichler
    Lives In:Floripa
    Birthday:August 30, 1981
    Music:The Beautiful Girls, Ben Harper, House Music, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Eagle Eye Cherry, The Wallflowers, E-M, Ragga, Hip hop, Marcelo D2, Black Alien, Red Hot Chili Peppers,Bneg o, Macy Gray, Natte Dog, Snoop Dog Dog,The Cardigans, The Cranberries, Foo Fighters, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Stephen Marley, Stereophonics, Racionais MC's, MV Bill (Estilo Vagabundo), Rumbora, Raimundos, Sublime, Nora Jones, Regurgiator, Matty-B, Jumbo Electro..
    Shows:vida la bam...
    Interests:enjoying my life includes all the things i love most: wake,air, love, water, music, listen, taste, see, touch, talk a lot, smell, walk, cooking, travelling, sunrise, love my family: parents and brothers, my son, gramma. and love my friends
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    wake world: by my self

    wake world: by my self

    6 years ago

    10 photos

    from Brasil

    from Brasil

    7 years ago

    17 photos


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