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    Name:Garrett Kennedy
    Lives In:Greenville, South Carolina
    United States
    Birthday:January 1, 1990
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    Name is Garrett L Kennedy no relationship to JFK I was the first baby in my hospital of the new year in 1-1-90 so thats kinda cool lived in charlotte practically all my life then moved to Fort Mill SC which is close to carowinds if you didnt know for the four years in highschool that I graduated from, I've been skiing and snowboarding since I was three pops kidna got me started early then picked up wakeboarding bout three years ago in the summer of 07 and loved it ever since some say Im an Aquaholic but I usually ride out on the only lake that i have ever waked on which is Lake Keowee SC in the MTns next to clemson which is pretty freakin awesome up there where your practically in the mtns and just hangin out havin an awesome time and if im not wakeboarding then im jumpin of these nice 40 ft cliff or swinging of the rope swings some dudes put up there which is pretty awesome too but I'd much rather wakeboard but now i just live in greenville or G-vegas as some call it but its an awesome town for partying or just relaxing also going to a little tech school there major is Plumbing and HVAC cuz i gotta pay the bills and i know wakeboarding isnt the answer its just what i love to do on the weekends
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    Wakeboarding Season 3

    Wakeboarding Season 3

    5 years ago

    6 photos

    wakeboarding season 2

    wakeboarding season 2

    5 years ago

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