• My Info

    Name:Kaitlyn Hutchens
    Lives In:Bosque Farms, New Mexico
    United States
    Birthday:April 28, 1998
  • About A Girl And Her Sports

    Age: 3 till Present: Wakeboarding. Ive grown up on the water. Summer for me when I was a near 3 feet talk and 67 pounds heavy, consisted of swimming classes every Monday at our local hell bound high school. I was the only one that would stay in the water no-matter what, yes, even to pee. As swimming classes only lasted a month in summer, I was usually out on the lake wakeboarding with high hopes and a low temper to my tricks. One day, I wanna be a pro wakeboarding.

    Age: 6 till Present: Skateboarding. I didnt have much in my 3 street consited neighboorhood, but a little blonde boy that lived down the street. I was always with the kid, we skipped the bestfriend stage and quickly moved into siblings, always together, sleep overs, week day slip n' slides, and weekend troubles. By the time I began skatebaording, I realised that water and concrete were two extremley diffrent things to smack your ass on. Skatebaording, Wakeboarding, and RipSticking is the hobbies.

    I recently got my license to drive a jet ski legally.....yes, im saying I drove jet skis for 5 years illegaly. I like the air and the speed.

    I BMXed for almost 4 years. Then I quit once I got serious to skateboarding and wakeboarding.