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    annabel says:

    "Nice video. I really luv MX !"

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    skater williams

    skater williams says:


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    Kat Hoffman

    Kat Hoffman says:

    "duh nuh. duh nuh. dun dun dun dun dun dun "

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    kimmel says:

    "Some days, I'm glad I don't know how to surf."

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  • Boots to Boardshorts: Alpinestars' Outfits for Every Ride

    California is one of very few places where you can hit the racetrack all-day and wash off in the surf before sundown. And even fewer brands can supply you with the outerwear needed to do both.

    For almost fifty years Alpinestars has outfitted hardcore riders and weekend warriors with gear that will last. If you've ever slipped on a pair of their Tech-7 racing boots or HD Boardshorts, you can tell that they're as serious as they say about designing this stuff "for the people that are capable of dedicating everything to sport, whether there is a championship involved or not."

    Video: One Goal.One Vision.In Motion
    Channels: Style

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