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    _________________________INTRODUCTION OSTEOARTHRITIS_________________________

    Among more than 100 types of joint disease that is known, is an aberration
    osteoarthritis joints are most commonly found. This disease is slowly progressive,
    generally occur in old age, although age is not the only risk factor.

    Osteoarthritis attack joints such as the cantilever body genu, hips, shoulder, hand
    and finger bones back. Worldwide is estimated to 9.6% men and 18% of women
    over the age of 60 years suffering fromosteoarthritis.
    Joints the most experienced osteoarthritis is knee joints.

    Osteoarthritis Almost 80% osteoarthritis at the age above 60 years is osteoarthritis
    genu, In Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta - Indonesia, nearly reached 56.7%.
    Incident at the age of less than20 years, only about 10% and increased to more than
    80% at age above 55 years.
    Prevalence of osteoarthritis genu in Indonesia is quite large.

    Because of high prevalence and is a chronicle progressive,
    osteoarthritis have any impact on the social and economic big enough. An estimated
    one to two million people suffer disability in Indonesia because osteoarthritis.
    In the future challenges to the impact of osteoarthritis became greater because more
    and more of the population older aged.




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    ______________________________OSTEOARTHRITIS GENU______________________________

    . Definition

    Osteoarthritis genu is a joint disease related degenerative with cartilago damaged knee
    joints, is a disease damages the joint cartilage and slow growing it is not known,
    although there are some risk factors that play a role, these conditions related to old age.

    . Anatomy

    Knee joint is a combination of the three joints, namely patelofemoral, tibiofemoral medial
    and lateral tibiofemoral. On the tibiofemoral joint, there is meniscus lateralis and medial.
    Meniscus is a discus fibrokartilago or flat triangle or irreguler attached to the capsule fibrosa
    and always in one of the adjacent bones. Meniskus contain collagen type I up to 60-90%
    proteoglikan while only 10%. Glikosaminoglikan constituents is the most condroitine
    sulphate and dermatan sulphate and keratan sulphate are very small. Besides fibrokartilago
    meniscus also significantly easier when broken.

    Knee joints strengthened by a strong joint capsule, and medial collateral ligament maintain
    a stable knee that does not move to the lateral and medial and ligamentum crusiatum
    anterior and posterior are not going to keep hiperfleksi and knee joints hiperekstension.
    Flexy knee rotation followed to Internal tibia, knee extension while the rotation will be
    followed to increase the torque on the style of the time extension so that the knee
    quadriceps femoris muscle work is not too strong.

    . Pathophysichology

    There are two major changes in morphology of color osteoarthritis the damage of joint
    cartilage and the progressive formation of new bone at the base injury cartilage joints and
    edge joints (osteofit). Changes that first emerged, until now have not understood.

    Research shows that changes in joint cartilage metabolism have emerged since the
    patologic osteoarthritis. These changes include increased activity of enzyme-enzyme
    macromolecular damage the joint cartilage matrix (collagen and proteoglican).
    This decline in value proteoglican, changes in nature and less collagen content of water
    joint cartilage.
    Currently osteoarthritis not be regarded only as degenerative process, but also is an active
    process with the disease. With the changes in the cartilage macro molekular, the nature
    bio mechanism cartilage joints will be changed. This will cause the joint cartilage vulnerable
    to normal load. Cartilage surface of the joints were not homogeneous, with a split - and
    relief ulceration. With the development of disease, joint cartilage can disappear entirely so
    that the bone underneath to become open.
    The formation of new bone (osteofit) is seen by some experts as a process improvement to
    re-edge or pivot joints. With the broad surface of the joints that can accept the burden,
    osteofit may improve the early changes in joint cartilage osteoarthritis, but the actual
    relationship between osteofit damage to the joint cartilage is not yet clear, because osteofit
    can arise when the joint cartilage is still appeared normally.

    . Risk factors

    There are several risk factors known to be closely associated with the occurrence of
    osteoarthritis genu:

    . 1. age

    from all osteoarthritis occurrence of risk factors, factors that are important too. Prevalence
    of the disease and the weight osteoarthritis increasing with increasing age.
    Osteoartritis almost never found in children, rare in the age under 40 years of age and often
    in the top 60 in the year. Genu of osteoarthritis increase in age more than 65 years, both in
    the clinic, and radiology. view radiology a heavy ( grade III and IV according to the criteria
    Kell-green-Lawrence ) progressively increased with increasing age, 11.5% at the age of less
    than 70 years, 17.8% in the age 70 - 79 years and 19.4% at the age of more than 80 years,
    women have a description radiology osteoarthritis weight is 10.6% less and at the age of 70
    years, 17.6% at age 70-79 years and 21.1% in the age over 80 years while the men -
    12.8% in men aged less than 70 years, 18.2% in the age 70 - 79 years and 17.9% in the
    age over 80 years.
    Osteoarthritis radiology prevalence increased according to age. At the age of 45 years
    under the rarely established picture radiology the weight. In the old age radiology
    osteoarthritis genu of weight reaches 20%. In the other study found that with the increasing
    age, the weight osteoarthritis the radiology will increase exponentially.

    . 2. sex

    women more often osteoarthritis genu and men more often osteoarthritis thigh, wrist hands
    and neck. Overall, under the age of 45 years frequency osteoarthritis more or less the same
    in men and women, but above the age of 50 years after the menopause frequency
    osteoarthritis more in women than men. This shows the hormonal role. From 500 patients
    with osteoarthritis on the limb, that is 41.9% of osteoarthritis genu and the number of
    women more than men (1.3: 1).

    . 3. job

    heavy work and the one joint that constantly associated with increased risk osteoarthritis.
    jobs and exercise is also a factor predispocycion osteoanthrocise knee joints.
    Research HANES I find that many workers who are a burden akan knee joints have
    osteoarthritis genu risk fell ill more than many workers who do not burden knee.

    . 4. obesity

    Excessive body weight associated with a significantly increased risk to arise osteoarthritis
    in women and men. Maquet try explaining bio mechanical load on the knee received
    obesity. In the normal situation, style of body weight through to medial knee joint and will
    be offset by thigh musculature so that the lateral result will fall on the central knee joints.
    Obesity on the circumstances, result style will be shifted to the medial received so that the
    burden of knee joint not balanced. In the case of weight change can arise form a joint varus
    of the friction result style to the medial.

    . 5. tribes

    Prevalence and pattern in the joints osteoarthritis appear different among the respective
    tribes. osteoarthritis genu more often found in people in Asia, while the pelvic osteoarthritis
    more often in the Caucasus. osteoarthritis thigh more rarely in black and Asia than
    Caucasian. This may be related to differences in lifestyle and the difference in the frequency
    deviation congenital and growth. Frequency osteoarthritis genu in black women higher than
    in white women, whereas in men, the frequency of the same with black on white.

    . 6. genetic

    the mutation in the genes prokolagen II or gen-gen to other structural elements such as
    cartilage collagen type IX and XII, protein proteoglicant said bond or a role in the occurrence
    of familial tendency in osteoarthritis.

    . 7. other factors

    said the high density re-emergence could increase the risk osteoarthritis. This may occur
    because the bones are more dense ( hard ) does not help reduce the impact load on the
    joints. As a result, joint cartilage becomes more easily torn. Factor is suspected to play a
    role in the high osteoarthritis on the fat and the runner ( who generally have a more dense
    bone )

    . Clinic

    In general, people say that the complaint osteoarthritis-symptoms already lasted a long
    time, but grow slowly. Symptoms can include:

    . A. painful joints

    Clinical symptoms of the most prominent is painful. There are three places which can be a
    source of pain, namely cinovium, network software joints and bones. cinovium painful
    reaction can occur due to inflammation that arises as a result of debris and liquid crystals
    in joints. It also can occur due to contact with vulnerable joints in the joints moving.
    Damage to the network software can cause painful joints, such as rags ligamen and joint
    capsule, inflammation or damage to the bursa meniscus. Pain originating from the bone
    usually caused excitement in the periosteum as rich periosteum akan fiber-fiber painful
    In addition, pain is influenced by the circumstances psikology patients, so it is
    recommended to evaluate psychology in management people osteoarthritis.
    Osteoarthritis pain in the genu, usually have a diurnal rhythm, the pain will increase in time
    to sleep and wake up the afternoon. In addition, pain can also arise when a lot of running,
    up and down stairs or moving suddenly. The pain usually will not go missing with the rest,
    but in the information, although the pain will settle people have a break.

    . B. obstacle movement joints

    This interference is usually heavy with growing slowly in line with the increase in pain.
    This change is often already there, although that is still in the early osteoarthritis.
    Usually increases with the heavy weight of the joints can only be move and contractive.
    Obstacles may concentric movement ( all directions of movement ) and exentrise
    ( one-way movement only ).

    . C. rigid morning

    Rigid joints is a symptom that often found, but usually not more than 30 minutes.
    Joints usually appear stiff in the morning or after immobility such as sitting in a chair
    or in the car long enough, or even wake up after sleeping.

    . D. Crepitation

    Crepitation a sense of sound of chattering teeth and sometimes can be heard.
    crepitus can be found without the pain, but usually related to blunt the pain.
    This phenomenon may arise because both the surface friction at the joint or joints are
    moved passively manipulated.

    . E. swelling of joints often asymmetric

    Sometimes found joint swelling due to fluid efusion joints that are usually not many
    ( 1 km, but limited to 1 s / d 1 km ) - 1
    ( takes approximately 15 minutes ) - 2
    500-900 m ( takes about 8-15 minutes ) - 3
    300-500 m - 4
    100-300 m - 5


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    UNBELIEVABLE, but it`s the FACT : Healing therapy method for OSTEOARTHRITIS GENU
    (stage 1 to 3) takes time only less than 15 minutes each session ( 2 to 16 sessions )
    The same duration for PLANTAR FASCIITIS / FASCIA PLANTARIS also ( just 1 to 2 sessions )
    Significant result of these therapy often surprised patients and eyewitnesses.
    These scientific, effective, cheap and safely method was found on 1998 in Bali island
    as my empiric research and has proofed to 117 respondents.
    ( registered on the Office of Public Prosecutor in Denpasar - Bali )


    registration 1 of 4



    research cards 2 of 117

    This method has been reported to :

    * Ibu Negara Indonesia, Ny Ani Yudhoyono on August 22, 2008.

    * FDA - Food and Drug Administration, USA and got responses
    on March 17, 2009.
    followed by kind long distance phone calls from :
    Regulatory Advisor ( confidential )
    Registrar Corp
    144 Research Drive
    Hampton, Virginia, USA 23666
    Tel: +1-757-224-0177 ext 305
    Fax: +1-757-224-0179
    Email: ( confidential )
    Web Site: http://www.registrarcorp.com/

    * NCCAM - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    on March 19, 2009.

    * Arthritis Foundation

    My name is Hamsiadi Santoso - Architect, FT Arch PETRA University,
    living in Surabaya-Indonesia, I`m very sure that these method become one of Medical
    / Complementary / Alternate innovation therapy, even maybe they become a "backbone"
    for making many healing tools, not just therapy tools or health tools for Osteoarthritis genu
    & Plantar Fasciitis.

    I wish these method useful to many people who need an easy, effective, cheap &
    safely healing therapy for Osteoarthritis genu & Plantar fasciitis ( Fascia Plantaris )

    NOW also... The FASTEST & SAFEST HEALING Therapy Method for



    ___________If you have any idea please write to me, together let us help them !__________

    _____________LOOKING FOR SPONSORS - COMPANIES_____________





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