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    annabel says:

    "Girlzzz powaaa !"

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Is anyone repping from Aspen? Will be at Winter x this week and scored the deal on the lift tickets from aspensnowmass.com/xpass!"

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "I can't wait to see shaun and kelly at winter x this year! It's coming up quick 1/26-29 and I am going!! It's free and has always been free!! I had no idea! find a couch to crash on!"

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    lollyamy says:

    "Hmmm ya beaucoup de boulot en perspective si on veut respecter tout ?a.
    En tout cas Fred, au niveau des 150 mots je ne me fait aucun soucis pour toi ^^"

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  • Avalanche near Loveland Pass kills 1, injures another

    Tragedy struck late yesterday afternoon when an avalanche near Loveland Pass in Colorado took a life and injured another. According to reports, Kyle Shellberg, 32, and Justin Latici, both of Golden, Colorado accidentally triggered an avalanche near the popular backcountry skiing area, Dry Gulch located off of Loveland Pass on I-70.

    The men were cross country skiing when they accidently started a slide that ranged in size from 400-500 feet across and 15 feet deep. The massive amount of snow buried the men instantly, consuming them as it ripped down the mountain.

    Another skier in the area saw the slide and immediately ran to the men's assistance. Upon reaching the skiers, the man called for help, and attempted to revive the unconscious by performing CPR for over 45 minutes. Shellberg sustained internal injuries and perished on the mountain before additional help could reach him.

    Latici survived the slide and was brought down to the base by rescue workers with a broken leg and other minor injuries.

    This marks the second fatal avalanche in Colorado this year. Warm temperatures coupled with large amounts of snow have created ideal conditions for slides.

    The Loveland pass area is a popular backcountry location for skiers and boarders. Rangers urge people in this area to wear beacons, adhere to all warning signs and stay out of areas deemed unsafe.

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  • Torstein Horgmo snow-blades better than you do

    Torstein Horgmo may have the bragging rights of being the first shredder to have a documented landing a of triple cork, but it looks like he's over the snowboard game and has picked up the sport of snow-blading instead.

    On his first day of the season, Horgmo strapped on a pair of hard boots and hit the hill with brand new pair of short skis. He got steezy at Keystone's park proving his future may be in competitive blading.

    Please note: Ski-blading/snow-blading is only perceived as cool when you're a mega-pro like Horgmo. So don't go renting these things.

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  • Chris Benchetler's winter wonderland

    Chris Benchetler is a heavy force in the backcountry scene. He spends his days, hiking, heli-ing, and scoping out lines before dropping into perfect powder to get the shot. As a foundering member of Nimbus Independent, Benchetler spends just as much time working on the film aspect of his skiing as he does actually slaying.

    This season Nimbus is launching a new series of rider webisodes that are skied, produced, and edited by the rider himself.Benchetler's video is the first to hit the web and we're claiming it's one of the best skier-edited films to drop to date.

    Check out this backcountry barbarian doing work.

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  • Frendsvision: Shake weight shredding

    Every time a new FrendsVision video hits the web you know it's going to be good. This time the crew pulls out their best Jeresy Shore imitation by 'Shake Weighting' themselves into shape. The clip claims that the Frends have teamed up with Mountain Creek to create a special Frends' feature, but we're thinking the actual shredding in this clip is filmed at a little place called Breckenridge. Regardless of location, it's a must see.

    Shake it baby.

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  • Ellery Hollingsworth goes all day with Gatorade

    Drink sponsors are legit, especially when they pay for sweet trips that document how long you can snowboard in a single day. So is the case for Ellery Hollingsworth's and her Gatorade partnership. At the end of last season El and Gatorade teamed up at Northstar-at-Tahoe for a little shoot that involved bluebird shredding, Gatorade gulping and lapping all day.

    Check out the fun filled day El had during the shoot.

    Also be sure to check out Elleryridesallday.com to see more behind the scenes action from Nortstar-at-Tahoe.
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