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    "Girlzzz powaaa !"

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    "Is anyone repping from Aspen? Will be at Winter x this week and scored the deal on the lift tickets from aspensnowmass.com/xpass!"

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    "I can't wait to see shaun and kelly at winter x this year! It's coming up quick 1/26-29 and I am going!! It's free and has always been free!! I had no idea! find a couch to crash on!"

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    "Hmmm ya beaucoup de boulot en perspective si on veut respecter tout ?a.
    En tout cas Fred, au niveau des 150 mots je ne me fait aucun soucis pour toi ^^"

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  • Spencer O'Brien and Sebastien Toutant Claim Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Championships

    Words: Alli Sports

    Sebastien Toutant came to the slopestyle course today at Snowbasin with one goal in mind - to win his first Dew Cup at the Toyota Championship. After a season of consistent riding, placing second at the both the Nike Open and Pantech Invitational, he used his motivation to stomp a clean and technical run and earn a score of 94.50.

    He already had the win in his pocket when dropping in for his second lap through the course, and managed to improve upon his score, starting with a backside 270 onto the first rail, followed by a 50-50 to gap frontside 360 out on the up down rail and a frontside bluntslide 270 out on the cannon. He landed a frontside 1080 double cork on the first jump, ending with a backside 1080 double cork. "This year it was my goal to do well on Dew Tour," said Toutant after his win. "It feels so great to win the Dew Cup."

    Coming in second was Dash Kamp, elated to podium in his rookie year on Tour, saying "I'm on cloud nine. This trophy is something I've always wanted!" Spencer Link rounded out the podium in third.

    Spencer O'Brien swept the season's women's snowboard slopestyle events and took the Dew Cup with a win at today's final. After falling short in her first lap through the course, she pulled a winning second run that began with a switch boardslide to 50-50 on the gap box, followed by a frontside boardslide on the up down rail and a boardslide to fakie on the cannon.

    She tore into the jumps, landing a switch backside 540 mute and frontside 720 indy. Her score of 94.50 put her above the rest of the field by a full 8 points. O'Brien previously won the Dew Cup in 2009, and her success on the Tour this year made for an impressive season. "It feels really good to have the Cup back," she said, following her win. "It feels great, this is by far my best season."

    Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Final Results

    1. Spencer O'Brien, Canada, 94.50.
    2. Enni Rukajarvi, Finland, 86.50.
    3. Joanna Dzierzawski, Calif., 80.25.
    4. Julianna Brackett, Calif., 73.75.
    5. Nicki Slechta, Los Angeles, Calif., 67.50.
    6. Sarka Pancochova, Czech Republic, 36.25.

    Women's Snowboard Slopestyle - Tour Rankings
    1. Spencer O'Brien, 200. 2. Enni Rukajarvi, 180. 3. Sarka Pancochova, 150. 4. Rebecca Torr, 136. 5. Joanna Dzierzawski, 117. 6. Julianne Brackett, 109. 7. Madison Blackley, 79. 8. Nicki Slechta, 72. 9. Jamie Anderson, 72. 10. Celia Miller, 72.

    Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Final Results

    1. Sebastien Toutant, Canada, 94.50.
    2. Dash Kamp, 83.50.
    3. Spencer Link, 77.75.
    4. Jake Aaronson, 70.50.
    5. Gjermund Braaten, 69.75.
    6. Sage Kotsenburg, 61.25.
    7. Eric Willett, 58.75.
    8. Seth Hill, 53.00.
    9. Ian Thorley, 40.25.
    10. Justin Morgan, 37.25.
    11. Mark Hoyt, 25.00.
    12. Brandon Reis, 23.25.

    Men's Snowboard Slopestyle - Tour Rankings
    1. Sebastien Toutant, 330. 2. Gjermund Braaten, 272. 3. Eric Willett, 252. 4. Sage Kotsenburg, 203. 5. Justin Morgan, 199. 6. Jake Aaronson, 185. 7. Dash Kamp, 173. 8. Charles Reid, 138. 9. Chas Guldemond, 128. 10. Spencer Link, 123.
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