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  • Inside Eye of the Condor 2 with Team Icelantic

    The all-girls Icelantic team converged on Ski La Parva near Santiago, Chile, recently for Eye of the Condor 2. The "Icey Ladies" poured their hearts and souls into their production and walked away with the win for best video. We caught up with all the ladies for insight into their Chilean adventure and what went into their prize-winning film.

    What does winning the Best Film at Eye of the Condor 2 mean to you?

    Without sounding too much like ol' Rosie the Riveter, winning Eye of the Condor means that "We can do it." We, meaning anyone who has a drive and desire to make something happen. We, team Icelantic, were up against some solid competition, both on the athletic side and the film-making side, who had previous experience with the venues, format, terrain, and group dynamics.

    Our team had never met before this event, and our filmmaker and photographer had very limited experience working in the ski world. To accomplish what we did in seven days is kind of miraculous--I think most people (including myself) were questioning what was going to happen with six women in one small condo under a lot of pressure. I am blown away, and I am deeply honored by the amount of enthusiasm, motivation, perseverance, tolerance, and love that was exhibited in our team this past week. The energy that was generated during the course of the event was powerful and fueled us into places we never knew existed. We went in with no plan whatsoever--seriously--but we all arrived open and excited, and I think that's the key to things like this. We felt and we followed. Then we won!!
    --Annelise Loevlie, global marketing manager, Icelantic Skis

    Do you have a favorite moment within Icelantic's film?

    It's hard to choose a favorite moment; however, if I picked one I'd have to say my favorite segment is when Tutti (the Chilean ski instructor) has just spoken about how the ski community is a family and there is the passion we share--then the Chilean music begins and the girls start somersaulting down the slope in front of the Icelantic logo and a beautiful Chilean sunset.

    After the final Icey lady leaves the frame, the Chilean music steps up with a beat and there I hold a ski shot for a while. I often tell my students when I teach to let their films breathe, and I believe this is an important moment of breath in our film, allowing the audience to absorb the heart of our story that we've worked to develop up to this point--that the ski community is a family; that our team, the Icey Ladies, is a family as well; and that we share a passion and this unites us.
    -- Katy-Robin Garton, cinematographer

    What were your favorite moments from Eye of the Condor 2?
    The week was full of wonderful new experiences. I was honored to sit right in between Ingrid Backstrom's mom and dad at dinner, then listening to everyone sing karaoke with Adam Clark and Chris Davenport, and Sherry McConkey gave me a R.I.P. Shane hat right off her sweet head. I'm happy I could complement my team as a big mountain skier bringing my park skills into this project. I'm grateful and honored to have worked so well with a strong and beautiful group of women who have never worked together before. --Rebecca Selig, pro skier

    Aside from winning, what was your favorite moment while in Chile?
    After a 6 a.m. tow up, we had hiked to the top of "Falsa Parva." Standing on that peak staring into the seemingly endless Andes mountain range, with a group of strong women I had just recently become close to, was a pretty amazing moment. The Andes are HUGE.

    Another favorable moment would probably be the extreme dance offs and karaoke in La Parva and at the Powder Discotheque.
    --Alex Taran, pro skier

    What was your overall experience of Eye of the Condor 2?
    It was a truly magical experience. I am banged up, bruised, and exhausted, but there are very few weeks in my life that were more amazing. Sure, the snow was not epic, but getting up each day with such a fantastic group of people and working with them to create something so special in a setting so awe-inspiringly beautiful? I think that is what's called "living the dream." I come from a fairly different background than a lot of the skiers at EOTC2 and have had some incredible moments in the mountains, but there was something especially intangible about this event--a collective energy that was buzzing the entire week. Everyone's competitive nature might have been the catalyst, but it was the shared love and respect, and pursuit of joy, that made it truly unique. --Kaylin Richardson, pro skier

    Photos courtesy of Katy-Robin Garton
    Channels: SnowFilm

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