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    "Is anyone repping from Aspen? Will be at Winter x this week and scored the deal on the lift tickets from aspensnowmass.com/xpass!"

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    "I can't wait to see shaun and kelly at winter x this year! It's coming up quick 1/26-29 and I am going!! It's free and has always been free!! I had no idea! find a couch to crash on!"

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    "Hmmm ya beaucoup de boulot en perspective si on veut respecter tout ?a.
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  • Gallery: So-Gnar sells out snowboard camp at Buck Hill Resort

    So-Gnar Snowboard Camp at Buck Hill Resort
    So-Gnar, a lifestyle snowboard company founded by professional snowboarder Pat Milbery, has made it their mission to introduce as many people as possible to snowboarding. In an effort to expose the masses to the sport, So-Gnar created a snowboard camp that tours through fifteen different resorts each winter. The snowboard camp is in its seventh year and provides participants with an encouraging environment, which is central to having fun on the slopes. The camp's third event of this season just wrapped up at Buck Hill Resort in Minnesota. More than 50 snowboarders attended, making it a sell-out, and they learned on two park set-ups with beginner- to medium-size jumps, rails, and boxes. Photographer Chris Faronea was onsite and captured all the action. Click the photo above to see what went down.
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  • Say Anything: Snowboarder Danny Davis on Burton and Mountain Dew's Green Mountain Project

    Danny Davis is a professional snowboarder known for his confident, commanding style on and off the slopes. We recently caught up with the 24-year-old, who has his sights set on competing in the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, to get the low-down on his involvement with a new eco-friendly snow apparel line from Mountain Dew and Burton called the Green Mountain Project.

    Check out what he had to say below.

    Tell us all about the Burton and Mountain Dew collaboration and what your inspiration behind the line is.
    The basic idea between Burton and Mountain Dew was to cut down on materials for Burton and jump on the bandwagon of saving winter and reducing that carbon footprint. Basically they [Mountain Dew and Burton] came up with a process where they can take plastic bottles and turn them into pellets and then spin the pellets into yarn. Then they spin that plastic yarn with other materials and are able to make jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, and all kinds of great products from the reused plastic.

    For me, I jumped on board to help save winter and to keep the powder around for as long as we can. And being a part of Mountain and Burton, I gladly get to be the poster boy for the project. My only input for the project has been that they just don't smack a logo on a project and that we actually come up with original artwork and have Burton design the outerwear and come up with some really great, custom artwork for this unique project. At Burton, we came up with the idea of having the line be earth tones to fit the vibe of the green movement. There are a lot of greens, tans, browns, and blacks in the line. It's good looking stuff.

    This is the Green Mountain Project's second year, and the first year to include outerwear--what kind of pieces are in the new collection?
    Jackets, pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. I imagine it won't stop there. They may break into gloves and maybe potentially hard goods, but who knows. I don't see why it would stop at just outerwear. I think now Mountain Dew and Burton are even figuring out how to make first layer with it now. It's good stuff, and I'm really happy about the outcome.

    Do you think this project has a foreseeable future and is it something you'll be a part of for a while?
    Oh for sure. I think eventually a majority of snowboard products could be made this way. They are really cutting down on the amount of materials used and are beginning to reuse a lot of materials and use materials that might otherwise be thrown away. It's a great green concept, and I'm lucky to be a part of it.

    What's your favorite piece in the line if you had to choose?
    I've been running a puffy from this line. It's a good piece to wear when I'm going out to town, and there's some good pants that are a waxy, durable fabric that take a lot of weathering the elements to break down, and that's what I like. Snowmobiling and stuff like that is tough on pants, but in this line, since they have the plastic in them, the wear and tear on them is pretty good. They last a long time, and it takes a lot to break them down.

    Word on mountain is you're injured this season
    I am. Well, actually, not injured--I'm healing! I had to have a surgery last week, which sucked, but it's all good. I'll get there.

    So no snowboarding this season?
    No, no! I'll be back! Hopefully by the end of January. They had to take out a rod that was in me, but I had already had like three months on the mend before that, so I should hopefully be back in time to ride some this season. I've been in Vail, Colorado, doing physical therapy two times a day, so I'm confident I'll be back shredding in February, and by March I should be jumping and all that. So it won't be a full burnout season--I'll still get in there and ride a bit.

    Check out Danny Davis in the video about the Green Mountain Project.

    Photos courtesy of Mountain Dew and Burton
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  • GrindTV's top snow gear of 2013

    Now that 2012 has come to a close, it's the perfect time to trade in those tired, old snow clothes, gear, and goggles and upgrade with some fresh new threads and products. To help you out with this, we've complied a list of the top gear for 2013.


    K2 Eco Light Board
    From powder to the park to the superpipe, this board is our top pick for all-mountain crushing in 2013. The Eco Light is pro snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler's go-to board of the season, which further confirms our adoration for this technically advanced and progressive piece of work.


    Ride Fame Binding
    Ideal for advanced freestyle ladies, the Fame is a high-performance snowboard binding that is light, durable, and most important, ultra-comfortable. The new design is sleek and ready to be ridden all over the mountain in winter.


    Nike Vapen Boot
    The Vapen boots are like nothing we've ever ridden before. They are the epitome of comfort, and the inner liner will keep your toes warm and cozy all day. The eye-popping snakeskin design is edgy and will draw just enough of the right attention to you on and off the hill this season.

    K2 Contour Boot
    These high-performance, high-style boots feature a duel boa lacing system that will have you laced up and ready to ride in no time. The Vapen liners are comfortable and warm and pro rider Leanne Pelosi's top pick of 2013.


    Oakley Garage Rock Sunglasses
    These glasses salute the '60s and rock 'n' roll culture and feature metal detailing that gives off a smooth, classic look.


    Holden Standard Skinny Pant
    The Standard Skinny Pant features a slim cut and stretch twill that allow for supreme movement and comfort. Toss out those ill-fitting baggy pants you used to rock in 2012, and upgrade this season with these must-have skinnies. They are definitely our go-to riding pant for all of 2013.

    Oakley MFR Jacket
    Oakley teamed up with pro rider Marie-France Roy to create the MFR Jacket, which is made with 50 percent recycled polyester, honoring MFR's respect for the environment. It has fleece in all the right places, features breathable waterproofing, and a removable faux fur piece that trims the hood. The jacket's defining, commanding style makes it an essential snow piece in 2013.


    Oakley Elevate Snow Goggles
    The best way to kick off a brand new year is with the Oakley Elevate snow goggles. The sleek style of these goggles, coupled with their unparalleled comfort, will have you seeing through all types of winter conditions in 2013.
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  • Insta-Awesome Gallery: New Year's Powder Party

    Insta-Awesome: New Year's Powder Party
    As 2012 came to a close, many snow enthusiasts spent their time slaying powder and riding white fluff as an ode to the end of the year. While the majority of 2012 lacked snowfall, the last few weeks were filled with plenty of powder that buffeted resorts all across the nation. In this edition of Insta-Awesome, we gathered the best pictures of skiers and snowboarders closing out the year with epic pow parties in Alaska, California, Colorado, and plenty of snow-filled places in between.

    Click the photo above to see the snowy action. Happy New Year!
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  • Learn to front lip with pro snowboarder Desiree Melancon

    Network A's "The Trick" is back with another snowboard how-to webisode, and this time host Preston Strout catches up with pro snowboarder Desiree Melancon at High Cascade Snowboard Camp to learn frontside lipslides.

    Front lips are a must have for your jib game and a trick you can use on just about any feature on the mountain.

    Check it out as Desiree explains the four key steps to stomping a solid front lip--from popping a good ollie to keeping your shoulders nice and square. Watch the how-to below and test this trick out next time you're on the mountain.

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