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    Hometown Heroes (HHskate) is the #1 am contest series. Why? It's all about fun. Where else do you get free Chipotle and a trip to the finals at X-Games when you win the regional contest.
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    Lives In:Chicago, Illinois
    United States
    Birthday:January 1, 1995
  • 2010 HHskate Tour Schedule

    May 8th Chicago, IL
    May 9th Indianapolis, IN
    May 17th Madison, WI
    May 18th Milwaukee, WI
    May 20th Indianapolis, IN
    May 22nd Tulsa, OK
    May 24th Phoenix, AZ
    May 25th Las Vegas, NV
    May 28th Seattle, WA
    May 29th Seattle, WA
    May 30th Portland, OR
    May 31st Portland, OR
    June 5th San Francisco, CA
    June 6th San Francisco, CA
    June 9th Salt Lake City, UT
    June 12th Denver, CO
    June 14th Denver, CO
    June 17th Dallas, TX
    June 18th Houston, TX
    June 19th Houston, TX
    June 21st New York, NY
    June 23rd Baltimore, MD
    June 24th Philadelphia, PA
    June 25th Philadelphia, PA
    June 26th Northern NJ
    June 27th Cincinnati, OH
    June 29th Chicago, IL
    July 1st Minneapolis, MN
    July 2nd Minneapolis, MN
    July 3rd Des Moines, IA
    July 5th Kansas City, MO
    July 7th Lincoln, NE
    July 9th Oklahoma City, OK
    July 11th Nashville, TN
    July 13th Atlanta, GA
    July 18th Phoenix, AZ
    July 19th Las Vegas, NV
    July 20th Los Angeles, CA
    July 29th Los Angeles, CA
    July 30th Los Angeles, CA
    July 31st Los Angeles, CA
    August 1st Los Angeles, CA
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    2009 Highlights

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    Hometown Heroes

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