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    Name:Jason Lewis
    Lives In:clearwater, Florida
    United States
    Birthday:October 9, 1980
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    Well lets see i'm a nice guy i beleave in treating people the way i would like to be treated esspecially when im with someone. Tend to treat my women like a queen and i do whatever i have to so she is happy. And because i grew up watching my parents fight and hurt eachother all the time i decided that when i got older i would sit down and talk the situation over no matter what it might be. No screamming or calling eachother names that u don't mean i just dont see the point. I also am a very affectionate man i love to cuddle and spend time with the person i like.alot of girls say that im a rare kinda guy in a good way. I guess they say that cause i beleave in things that alot of guys don't like i would never cheat on the person im with and thats cause when i chose to be with someone no one else matters i tend to put my feelings and my heart into my relationships and i always seem to get shit on, but i cant help it thats the way iam i just wish i could find someone who likes those qualities in a man.

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