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  • Underwater rugby

    So this is a new thing for me, blogging. First I don't really enjoy writing then who cares about what I write? ..but anyway maybe some people are curious enough to read about some underwater experiences and how we get bruises.. and if you are not interested you don't need to read. In the end it's your choice.

    what is underwater rugby... otherwise you have no clue what I'm talking about

    we wear snorkel, mask, fins and a bathing suit (though I got lots of comments that it would be muuuch more interesting without, well we keep that for the shower)

    The ball is filled up with salt so it weights 4kg (8pounds more or less), and underwater there are 2 metal baskets where you have to score. Underwater means about 3,5-5m deep and don't ask how much this is in feet I have no clue)

    Some some basic rules to guarantee fairness: the ball should never go over water; you are not allowed to grab someone who doesn't have the ball; grabbing the gear is also not allowed. Those are the most important rules

    then you play!!!!

    and a great video to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-YjbVB2h2c

    and that's all for now


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