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    Name:Jake Riedman
    Lives In:Valley City, North Dakota
    United States
    Birthday:June 16, 1993
    Heroes:Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Ben Burnley, Grandpa, friends, and others... ha
    Music:Almost all rock, metal, and that sort of thing.Also I like Kenney Chesney, some pop, and some hip hop and rap.
    Movies:The dark knight, Spider man movies, Harold and Kumar's, Clerks 2, any boarding or skiing movies, the punisher, and others that i cant think of lol.
    Shows:Most everything on fuel tv, the stuff that involves rock on fuel tv, family guy, american dad, king of the hill, ufo hunters, monster hunters, other history channel stuff, south park, and some others stuff.
    Interests:Wakebording, Slalom skiing, wakeskating, snow skiing, chicks lol, jet skiing, video games, HUNTING everything lol, racing vehicles, 4 wheelers, jet ski, and boats, I also like a bunch of other crap.
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    Skill Level: Intermediate
    2 - 3 Years Experience
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    just some stuff

    just some stuff

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