• Photo Report: Spring Creek National MX

    The Prince of Millville (if you don't count Alex Martin), Minnesota native Ryan Dungey once again made short work of a still very solid 450 class afor Round 7 of the 2010 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships. Under scorching hot sun and brutal humidity, everyone's fitness was tested to the max on a track that was unique, challenging, rough and fast. Apparently immune to all that is Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Dungey, who appeared to have absolutely no problem with either the track or anyone else who was on it with him. While the points leader did not get the holeshot in either moto, he had little trouble wearing down first moto leader Kevin Windham or second moto leader Andrew Short, as he stormed off to wins in each case. In true RC-style, Dungey seemed to work hard for the duration of both motos and kept the hammer down, pulling a huge gap of 40 seconds in moto 2 that no doubt made a statement about his fitness (as if it were in question anyhow).

    Geico Powersports Honda's Trey Canard made it two overall wins in a row with his solid 2-1 moto scores that involved heated battles with both Dean Wilson and Christophe Pourcel. In the first moto, Pourcel and Canard went back and forth several times, swapping the lead and a bit of plastic as they beat up on the track trying to find the fastest way through. Ultimately Pourcel finished up front, but in the 2nd moto Canard quickly took the lead from Nico Izzi and attempted to check out. Dean Wilson more than kept him honest though, staying within a second or two for much of it before the rain started coming down and everything changed. Canard was still able to keep it up in the lead, which allowed him to move into 3rd in series points behind Pourcel and Wilson (dropping Tyla Rattray back to 4th).

    The start of 250 moto 2 shows the great jump that Wilson gets over his half of the gate (he's just to left of center here), but also shows how well Canard and Rattray get off the line on the other side. It was Nico Izzi who held the early lead, though, before completely succumbing to the heat and humidity and pulling off just past the halfway point. Izzi wasn't the only rider to feel it though, as Josh Grant faced similar delirium in the 2nd 450 moto.

    Spring Creek marked the return to motocross for Kevin Windham, and his debut on the Red Bull Honda Racing Team in the role of substitute rider for Davi Millsaps. His return was spectacular, to say the least, as he pulled a solid holeshot in the first moto and led eventual winner Ryan Dungey for most of the first half before dropping back to 5th at the end. Admittedly just plain tired later in the moto, Kdub was also quite gracious on the podium after the moto, where they pulled him up to get his take on the race. His 2nd moto went a bit better, where he ended up 4th after being passed by Kyle Regal late in the race.

    Christophe Pourcel's series-leading style and speed was quite clear in 250 moto one, where he was involved in a heated battle with Trey Canard for the win. Pourcel's 2nd moto troubles continued, though, as the heat in moto one must have pushed the still not-100%-healthy Frenchman over the edge as he struggled throughout the race after a mediocre start. Falling way off the pace by the end of the muddy 2nd moto and immediately sat down to regroup. While his points lead is solid, losing by such large points margins to Canard while the #38 is very much coming into his own as a contender may lead to trouble later in the series.

    Defending champ Chad Reed had a rough day at Millville, scoring zero points in his bid to successfully defend the title. After struggling around 5th for most of the first moto, Reedy eventually pulled off and never even got suited up for moto two, citing "neck pain" as the reason. There's been no official update at this point as to his status.

    Josh Grant rode great in moto one, working his way methodically up into a 2nd place finish. Moto two seemed to be going similarly well despite getting penalized with last gate pick after being late, until he seemingly lost his mind and looked almost to be goon riding the last couple of laps, allowing several riders around (including Alessi) with no attempt to retaliate. It was later determined he was suffering the effects of heat exhaustion and that he was somewhat delirious when he pulled off the track. The Asterisk medic crew was immediately at his side to administer first aid.

    Lucas Oil/TLD/Honda's Ben Townley had a fabulous 2nd moto going on before he rode off the track and coughed up the lead to Andrew Short, who'd been pushing him the first couple of laps. Ben's repeatedly proven that he has the speed necessary to win, but he's just having trouble keeping it on two wheels (or on the track) and has yet to pull off a moto win. He's 3rd in points, and went 4-5 at Millville.

    Honda Red Bull Racing's Ashley Fiolek was able to pull off another moto win, but it was Jessica Patterson who walked away with the overall again which pretty much solidifies the title for her. The first moto was a barn-burner (as is often the case between these two ladies), as they swapped the lead a couple of times and then each of them crashed or went off the track, handing the front position back to the other. The women will not resume their WMX series until mid-August at Southwick.

    With the adoration of his hometown crowd, Ryan Dungey's domination of the 2010 season continues down the home stretch. Winning by over 40 seconds is certainly an indication that he plans to not only beat everyone, but to stomp them into oblivion as the season winds down. The only potential threat for individual moto wins at this point appears to be from a rider who's rumored to be coming back at Unadilla in a few weeks - James Stewart. Check back here for complete coverage.
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