• What Really Happened: Red Bud National MX

    Red Bud was another great weekend of racing, filled with not only great on-track action but a fair bit of interesting side-stories too. As an added touch of pizzazz, the Ritchie family (proprietors of the track since it's inception) had these cool dirt 'vessels' made up into trophies for the podium finishers. Since the soil make-up at the track is one of the primary reasons why it is so widely loved within the racing world, it seemed like an appropriate thing to do.

    Under a cloudless sky and moderately high heat and humidity, the fans were out in full force and were not just cheering, but making statements as well. Since part of the race was broadcast LIVE on NBC, many of them took the time to make their statements on national TV, and this sign says a lot to those in the know. Primarily it says that the sport doesn't need James Stewart (Bubba Who?) and takes a jab at his reality television series (Bubba's World). Taking it a step further, it makes the prophetic statement that Red Bud would indeed be Ryan Dungey's World, as indeed it turned out to be. Whether or not we agree if the sport "needs" James Stewart is beside the point - we just thought it was a cool sign that made some interesting statements.

    More support for Dungey, this time in the form of mock Target-palmed gloves like the Target and Nike sponsored rider from Minnesota (not too far from Red Bud) has worn the past couple of seasons. Dungey's support in the midwest is huge, as he seems to be an ideal spokesman for the sport at least into the near future. Clean-cut, hard-working and poised in front of the microphone, he seems to be stepping into the role left by his predecessor Ricky Carmichael with ease.

    But enough cheerleading about Ryan Dungey, there was also support for plenty of other riders around the track too - not the least of which was Dean Wilson. We spotted a couple of flags or banners proclaiming Wilson's Canadian citizenship (apparently nobody from Scotland made the trip), which was interesting as England and Canada both vie for his participation on their MXoN squads. What's more interesting than the flag in this shot, though, are the people surrounding it. Some interesting poses going on here for sure.

    The subject of all this international affection - Dean Wilson himself - has pretty well set the sport on fire. In his rookie season, Deano's more consistently up front than Barcia was last year (or this year) and now finds himself between his two teammates (Pourcel and Rattray) in the points race. With those two riders being quite experienced in this level of competition, not to mention both being former world champions, it's nothing short of amazing that Deano's beaten them both a couple times each this season. On top of that, he's a great kid, and his Dad's a riot too.

    One of the coolest features on the Red Bud track is the big ski jump after the start, where riders air it out while completely pinned into the deep braking bumps and ruts at the bottom. One of the not-so-cool features here is that they added a drop-off to it this year, and this time it claimed the Asterisk Medical Unit's Kawasaki Mule, while Doc Bodnar was aboard. He explained the incident to us, and he simply did not know they'd cut into the hill since he'd been over it earlier in the day, and his Mule flipped end-over-end down it, causing a little bit of damage to the Mule and almost none to the Doc himself. This could've been a huge disaster, so MXSports is looking into how to better manage these relatively new track features.

    Red Bud played host to a number of riders who typically make their living racing in the woods or desert, as both major series - Grand National Cross Country and WORCS - had an off-weekend. Former 125cc National Motocross Champ and current WORCS champ Mike Brown was one of those who took advantage of it. Brown was able to snag the vacant factory KTM 250SX-F of Tommy Searle for Red Bud, which means he not only had one of the sweetest rides available in the paddock, but also got it for the best track of the season. Nice move, Brownie. His results were fairly respectable for a 37 (?) year old too - 19-12 for 17th overall.

    Last year's XC2 Pro Lites class champ, current points leader and factory KTM GNCC rider Kailub Russell also showed up to try his hand. Known as a very fast motocrosser (he'll race Loretta's in the A or Pro/Sport classes next month), Russell had a forgettable pro motocross debut. Crashing hard in both practices, he was slow to get back up to speed and wasn't able to qualify. He did look good while he was on two wheels, though!

    Current GNCC XC1 points leader and factory Suzuki/FMF Off-Road star Josh Strang also came up to Red Bud for the day. Strang's also known as a fast moto guy, spending much of his training time on motocross tracks all over the country working on his speed and precision. For Red Bud, the Rockstar/Makita team gave up one of Dungey's race engines for Strang's ride, which certainly didn't hurt his attempt. His results were fairly solid, as he scored his first pro point with a 20th in moto one. It's likely that Josh wasn't super-pumped on his ride, but then again, he came away uninjured and is just *that* much more confident in his abilities than he was before he showed up.

    Former world and national motocross champ Grant Langston continues to struggle with his return to racing. Definitely a fan favorite no matter where he finishes, GL went down very hard in the first 450 moto (nearly cleaning this photographer out in the process!) when he drifted off the track in the corner and straightaway following LaRocco's Leap and tumbled off the track. After laying there for a while and with everyone holding their breath to see if he'd recover, he hopped up and came back to race the 2nd moto (where he crashed again, but still ended up 21st). He's a tough guy, that Langston.

    This is the little tumble that took Justin Barcia out of the running for a possible win or at least overall podium finish. When he went down in this nasty, rutted, muddy corner, he allowed Canard by (who eventually went on to win) along with Rattray. Bummer for Justin, as he was clearly on a roll and looking to the front but there's a big question whether he'd have had anything for Canard as the race wore on.

    Once again, Blake Wharton had a great ride in both motos but somehow ended just off the podium so it wasn't noticed as much as it should be. Wharton's having a great season but is often over-shadowed by his equally impressive teammates. He's got a win in him this season, just watch.

    Tyla Rattray was in a position for the overall win via a 2-2 when he went down late in the 2nd moto. Solidly 2nd in points, Rattray's really come alive this season and is ALWAYS one of the front guys or pushing his way to the front.

    Last year, Josh Grant OWNED Red Bud, moving from the back of the pack both motos to get his first overall 450 class win. This year, well, Grant LOOKED super-fast, but he just wasn't able to find the front of the pack either time out. Just a few clicks behind the battling trio of Townley/Reed/Dungey in the first moto, and a bit further back the second time out, Grant went 6-6 for 6th overall.

    Darryn Durham was again one of the "really fast" pack of 250 guys, ending up 8th in moto one but he unfortunately ran out of gas in the 2nd moto while inside the top 10. Despite that, he was still scored with 20th, which wasn't too bad, considering.

    250 winner Trey Canard demonstrates proper whole-length-straightaway rut riding technique on his way to the overall win at Red Bud. The entire track was disced extra-deep and watered heavily to promote a rough, rutted, and gnarly National that earned the respect of every rider out there. The Red Bud legend continues to grow.

    Kyle Regal airs it out over the big uphill step-up tabletop jump with the perfect form he's becoming known for. For the umpteenth time this year, Regal finds himself battling with the elite of the sport in a true privateer effort that must be inspiring to a lot of the other riders. 7-7 for 7th right behind Josh Grant? Not too shabby.

    Mike Alessi's day was, well, not so hot. He looked and rode super-aggressive in qualifying, riding the 350 more like a 250, but could muster only an 8th place starting position (and was over 2 secs down from Dungey's top time). Mediocre starts and a couple of blunders and a late-moto fade in moto two kept him way behind sniffing distance of the front pack for most of both motos. 10-9 for 9th.

    Ashley Fiolek and Jessica Patterson provided edge-of-the-seat battling in both motos of the WMX class, which made it's debut at Red Bud last weekend. It was a great race for both of these girls, as they pulled a massive gap over 3rd place both times out and put on a great show that certainly helped the case for women's racing at the Nationals. Fiolek won both motos to break Patterson's perfect season attempt short.

    And with this spy shot of John Tomac wandering the pits looking for another overall win for his son Eli, we'll call it a wrap for our Red Bud coverage. With a week off before the series heads to Millville, we'll likely see the return of at least a couple of riders that were recently injured (Tommy Hahn being one, and possibly Ivan Tedesco). Check back here for coverage of the Spring Creek National, where we'll try our hardest to provide quick, concise coverage with lots of eye candy to put it over the top.
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  • Photo Report: Red Bud National MX

    It was an absolutely perfect day for racing at Red Bud for Round 6 of the 2010 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. With temperatures in the upper 80's and humidity numbers to match, the perfectly prepared track and huge crowd made for a great July 4th weekend event. Oh yea, and the racing didn't disappoint, either.

    While the photo above may make it appear that Lucas Oils/TLD/Honda's Ben Townley ran away with the 450 class win, it was actually Ryan Dungey (below) who stormed to both moto wins after some great racing in moto one. Townley was likely stoked because he absolutely set the pace for all but one lap in that great first moto battle. Unfortunately for Ben, the only lap he didn't lead was the last one, after he cross-rutted the landing area of a big uphill tabletop and went down, allowing the pack he'd been leading the entire race (consisting of Dungey, Reed and Short, with Metcalfe, Grant and Regal not far behind) to get by. Ben was able to get back up and finish fourth, though, and came back in the 2nd moto for a solid 3rd behind Dungey and Reed for a 3rd overall.

    Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki's Ryan Dungey was exactly as fast as he needed to be all day to score the maximum number of points. Like a machine, Dungey stuck in the fast pack up front in moto one and put himself into position to capitalize on Townley's last lap mistake, all the while fighting off Reed who'd been sticking a wheel in all moto. In the second go-round, Dungey had only to get past Short in his bid for the win, which now puts him 64 points of Chad Reed in the title chase with six rounds remaining.

    Geico Powersports Honda rider Trey Canard was finally able to get an overall win, and he couldn't have been happier about it. As is typical in the 250 class this season, the overall was gained via a win and an off-the-podium finish in the other moto (4th in moto 1). In moto two, Trey outlasted and outran the competition up front to gain the victory. Passing Rattray, Barcia (after Justin fell in a soft, rutted section) and Dean Wilson, the #38 was on a mission to get to the front and he succeeded.

    Points leader Christophe Pourcel made quick work of the 250 class field in moto one, as he and teammate (and fellow former MX2 World Champ) Tyla Rattray took the first two spots from the beginning and put the hammer down. It was a decisive victory for sure, but the 2nd moto didn't go so well as Pourcel's start wasn't the greatest (around 10th, 7th by end of first lap) and he wasn't able to move through the superfast pack of riders ahead of him. Eventually settling into a safe 5th, Pourcel didn't make it to the podium celebration for unknown reasons, despite earning 3rd overall. Pourcel's now sitting with a 33 point lead over teammate Dean Wilson as the series heads into the final half.

    We've mentioned Dean Wilson several times already, but not how solid he looked while leading the 2nd moto almost wire-to-wire. As Deano was the first to launch down the ski jump heading from the first turn area and into the back section, it was clear he was on a mission with teammate Tyla Rattray in tow. He set a torrid pace out front, but wasn't quite able to keep it going ahead of Canard, who'd been knocking on his door for several laps before finally making the move on lap 10. Wilson's having a great season for sure though, hanging 2nd in points behind Pourcel and ahead of Rattray, which is some pretty fast company to be in for a genuine series rookie.

    Justin Barcia, who made it on the podium long enough in moto two to give his best Reeeeeedddd Buuuuuuuuuuuddddd call to the crowd, was solid and fast all day too. He seemed a bit bummed after the moto though, since he'd been ahead of Canard before a simple tip-over in a sloppy corner pushed him back a spot that may have led to a 3rd overall finish. Regardless, his 5-3 was good enough for 4th overall and he can leave Red Bud content with his effort.

    Red Bud's first turn right-hand sweeper is followed immediately by a big, wide, banked right that funnels into a chicane that dumps them over the big ski-jump down into the back section. Here, the first 250 moto hits the section with Pourcel in the lead (you know what that means - he checked out) while Weimer and Rattray are closed behind, followed by the rest of the pack. Canard way in the back here made it all the way to 4th by the end, while Weimer took a tumble after running 4th for the much of the race and ended up 11th.

    Andrew Short continues to help define the pace up front in the 450 class. As the sole Honda Red Bull Racing factory rider on the track (due to Millsaps' injury) at the moment, Shorty's got a lot of motivation to do well and it seems he's stepping up to the plate. He ran 2nd for half of the first moto before Dungey and eventually Reed got by, then led the first few laps of the 2nd moto before fading (or falling?) back to 5th at the end. Starting at the next round in Millville in two weeks, Short will be joined with his pal Kevin Windham, who's been hired to take Millsaps' place for the rest of the series.

    Something's not right over at Camp Alessi, as Mike's results are still sub-par based on everyone's expectations and Mike's first round performance. He certainly hasn't gotten the starts he's accustomed to, which many believe was half the reason for his success in the past as he's never been known for his ability to move through a pack. Whether that's due to the reduced displacement of his KTM350 is open for debate, although there can be other reasons for crummy starts besides a simple power issue. Whatever it is, Mike's clearly not happy at the moment and 7th in points isn't where he expected to be as the series heads into the home stretch. There's lots of grumbling in the pits about the source of discontent and what Team Alessi plan to do about it, but commenting beyond that would be purely speculative as the family tends to keep their cards close to the chest.

    Chad Reed had a respectable day for sure, hanging tough in both motos in hard-fought battles to work his way into 2nd both times out. Reedy's still speedy no doubt, but he definitely lacks that extra .5% it will take for him to get into a real knock-down, drag-out fight with Dungey, since he can't quite match his pace at this point. Chad's gotta be fairly happy with his Red Bud ride though, as it's an improvement in both placing and consistency over most of his races yet this season.

    The ladies of the WMX lit up the track at Red Bud for the first time ever, and they delivered some superb racing after the boys tore the track up for them. Ashley Fiolek and Jessica Patterson put on a riding clinic as they completely annihilated the rest of the field and fought hard for the lead, especially in moto two. Fiolek was able to take back-to-back moto wins, which must've been a huge monkey off of her back as she'd yet to win a moto this season. Monster Energy/Kawasaki's Sara Price (#4 above) went 7-4 for 4th overall while Lucas Oils/TLD/Honda's Tarah Gieger rounded out the podium in 3rd.

    Say it with us: 2010 AMA Pro Motocross Champion Ryan Dungey.

    That's it for our race photo report from Red Bud. Check back later this week for What Really Happened for a summary of other things that caught our eye (and lens).
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  • Photos: Red Bud Practice

    We're at the venerable Red Bud Track'n'Trail in Buchanan, Michigan for Round 6 of the 2010 Lucas Oils AMA Pro Motocross Championships. Here's a few pics from a perfect practice...

    Justin Barcia was rippin', nailing the 3rd quickest qualifying time.

    Ryan Dungey looks to still be on line for another dominant day, running roughly 1.5 seconds faster than 2nd qualifier Chad Reed.

    Brett Metcalfe was 3rd fastest in 450 qualifying.

    Nico Izzi is back in action in his home state of Michigan.

    Tyla Rattray ran the quickest lap in 250 qualifying.

    Another Michigan native - Nick Wey - ended up 10th in qualifying.

    Christophe Pourcel is just slightly off the pace of his teammate Rattray.

    Chad Reed's looking to get the monkey off his back this weekend, and qualified 2nd in an effort to do so.
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  • What Really Happened: Thunder Valley National MX

    There was a little bit of everything at Thunder Valley last weekend - sun, rain, high temps and chilly breezes all accompanied some fine racing and interesting tidbits. Here's our roundup:

    Native to Colorado, Andrew Short had the reasonably large crowd on their feet and cheering at the beginning of each moto, as his holeshots and runs in the lead further cemented the fact that he should always be considered a favorite at his home track. If not for Shorty's fall (below) in moto one, he just might have run away for another moto win...

    ...instead, the Honda Red Bull Racing factory rider was forced to pick his bike up after this silly tip-over after the big step-up, allowing about a dozen riders get by. He eventually got back up to 9th.

    The Joker was in da house, and he absolutely beat down the comp on this day. The track was rough and rutted, and he got great starts both times out, so it was a recipe for disaster for everyone else on the track. Christophe was borderline jubilant (for him) after the motos, and enjoyed finally being able to stamp dominance over the course of both motos.

    Trey Canard rode solid and looked strong to the end in both motos under the tutelage of Mike LaRocco. He led the 2nd moto for a while, showing Pourcel the fast way around the track it seemed, but ultimately the Frenchman got by for another win. Even with his 3rd in moto one, Canard nabbed 2nd overall on the day, which must make him feel pretty good after a less than spectacular season thus far. Canard's now solidly 4th in points between Wilson in 3rd and Tickle in 5th, which isn't too bad but for a title favorite to be 57 points behind, he'll have to do some winning quick to have a shot at the title.

    Ben Townley also had his best day of the season, working through the pack in both motos to land 2nd on the podum - his best finish in the 450 class to date. Ben's a funny guy - off the bike he looks like a spindly little teenager, but once he's on that CRF450 he really seems to thicken up and handle it like a guy much bigger than he really is, putting the bike where he wants it and taking an aggressive posture to anyone who challenges him. He always claims to still be getting up to speed, and it appears he actually is still getting quicker, as each weekend he's closer and closer to Dungey out front.

    It was a little bit sad watching Mike Alessi out there, just not on the same pace as the front pack at all. Instead, he was battling more with the likes of Kyle Chisholm (not that Kyle's a slouch, but he's not typically in the front where Mikey should be). There's been a lot of rumbling that Team Alessi isn't too happy about their current setup with KTM, and that Mike isn't exactly loving the new 350. No word on whether it's the reduced power output or handling or what, but it's clear Mike's not where he should be and the bike's always the easiest thing to point a finger at.

    Blake Wharton's been having a really solid couple of weeks since High Point, where he landed on the podium. He was good in Colorado too, going 6-5 for 5th overall and 2nd best on his team (again). At some point people will begin to expect Wharton to be up where he is instead of saying 'boy, Wharton did good this weekend'. Thunder Valley may have been his turning point and despite sitting 8th in points (thanks to two motos with zero points), Blake is definitely getting faster as the races go by.

    Now it's time for the Thunder Valley Fashion Show. This race is typically a big weekend for gear manufacturers to debut a few new styles for the upcoming year and this time was no different. They're typically only seen in practice sessions, but this season SHIFT chose to also run it in the motos. We spied new stuff by ONE, SHIFT and TLD, and are pretty sure the Fox gear that the Geico boys were running was new stuff too. It looks like there's a lot of 'FRESH' new designs in store for next year, as is evidenced here by Hunter Hewitt and a new ONE style.

    Josh Grant ran four sets of new SHIFT gear, as did Justin Brayton, here's one of them.

    Here's Hunter Hewitt again with another new style from ONE.

    Hewitt's teammate Tommy Hahn had two new sets of gear too (both different from Hewitt's, making 4 total debuted by the ONE boys at Lakewood.

    Ben Townley ran this trick new colorway from TLD only during the first practice, and we didn't see anything else from them the rest of the day.

    Back to business now... we spotted Tim Ferry several times somewhat incognito while counseling Trey Camard. Trey mentioned Ferry on the podium, saying that he trusted Tim's opinion on everything from choosing lines to eating right and that he'll continue to seek his advice as the season progresses. Perhaps Tim's got big plans for similar setups, as he's just announced his retirement from pro racing despite rumors that he may replace Davi Millsaps on the factory Honda for the remainder of the season.

    Cole Seely also had a standout ride this weekend, possibly almost making up the absence of his teammate Wil Hahn. Seely was absolutely solid and charged hard for the entire duration of both motos, and his 9-12 scores really don't reflect it. In his first full season in the Nationals, Seely's doing about as well as anyone expected him too and will hopefully be able to maintain his spot on a solid team for next year.

    Hey look, Matt Moss finally made some news by earning the Muscle Milk Recovery Award in the 2nd 450 moto.
    Not sure how really, because he went backwards in the 2nd moto after a decent start to finish 18th. In moto one he was 29th, so maybe it's an "18th is way better than 29th place" award.

    As the rain set in for 250 moto 2, Trey Canard and Christophe Pourcel were this close for much of the first several laps. Thunder Valley is a dynamic backdrop to any great racing action, with the brilliance split evenly between the talent on and around the track, the surrounding landscape and the ever-changing (and typically severe) weather. It's a great place for a National and will be a brilliant spot for the MXoN coming up in September.
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  • Photo Report: Thunder Valley National MX

    Thunder Valley Raceway outside of Lakewood, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains was the site for Round 5 of the 2010 Lucas Oils AMA Pro Motocross Nationals. 450 class Points leader, Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki's Ryan Dungey, once again proved he is the man to beat for this title by essentially dominating the day's racing, despite not winning the first moto. Dungey played it cool in the opener, sitting in behind Andrew Short and Josh Grant and waiting for a mistake. In Short's case, it happened, but in Grant's, it did not as the #33 Yamaha went on the his first win this year.

    Native Coloradan Andrew Short is always a favorite at Lakewood, and this year he reminded everyone why - he's a great starter and apparently his factory Honda CRF450R has as much horsepower as any other bike on the track as he rocketed to both holeshots. In moto one, Shorty put up a great pace out front before a simple wash-out in a sloppy corner put him on the ground long enough for a half dozen riders to get by, including Grant and Dungey. In moto two, Short once again held the lead for a short while only to be passed by Dungey and Lucas Oils/TLD Honda's Ben Townley. Short eventually ended up 3rd for a solid podium finish on the day.

    Muscle Milk/JGR Yamaha's Josh Grant, looking splendid in his new 2011 SHIFT gear against the dramatic Colorado sky, was very impressive in moto one, taking advantage of Short's mistake and running away from Dungey for a long overdue moto win. Moto two wasn't quite so hot, as Grant fell in the first turn and stalled the bike, starting way back in last place which set the stage for what seemed to be a mercurial comeback. In just one lap, Grant made it into the top 20, eventually settling in at 10th which was good enough for a miraculous 4th overall.

    Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Christophe Pourcel completely owned the competition at Lakewood. In moto one, he toyed with Dean Wilson for a while before dropping him and pulling a huge gap by the finish. In moto two, he did the same with Trey Canard after studying his lines while behind him, proving that even at this high altitude and under very rough track conditions, his fitness isn't a problem.

    Pourcel twists the GO tube as the gate drops for moto two of the 250 class. He followed Trey Canard through the first turn and hounded him for most of the race before getting by for a dominant win. Broc Tickle (#20) rode well all day too, going 5-6 for 6th overall.

    Before the start of 450 moto number one, most pundits and casual spectators assumed the battle for the championship just might start this weekend, and that battle would be between these two riders: Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey. Unfortunately, only one of these two riders put in a championship-worthy performance and that rider was not the defending champion Chad Reed. In fact, we're not sure these two riders even saw each other after the first turn in either moto, as Ryan was always in the front and Reed never was.

    The big question in this series thus far has to be this man right here, Chad Reed. How is it possible that he went from dominating the last half of the 2009 season to win the #1 plate, to barely cracking the top 5 this year? Could it be a change of bikes? Yes. Could it be more competition? Not likely, overall that's about the same. Sickness? Injury? Hangnail? Who knows, but it would be nice to see Chad back up front again, giving Dungey a run for his money every moto instead of not-so-effectively working through the field after mid-pack starts.

    Dean Wilson was once again a factor in the 250 class, coming off the first win of his career last weekend at Budds Creek. Wilson set the pace with Pourcel up front for a while in 250 moto one until, in his own words, Pourcel quit "toying" with him and put the hammer down to pull away for the win. Wilson's really coming into his own in this rookie season, especially considering he's never raced most of these tracks before. Deano went 2-3 to tie Canard's 3-2 in points for 3rd overall, and put 6 points on his teammate Tyla Rattray in the points battle for 2nd.

    Tommy Hahn followed up a solid moto one performance (12th to 3rd) with a broken leg in moto two. Hahn dabbed his foot down in a uphill whoop section and immediately knew something was wrong, as he rode slowly over to the pits and was helped from his bike. This is not good news for Bill Keefe's Rockstar Canidae Suzuki squad, as their other 450 rider Jake Moss was also injured (reportedly another back injury) and, along with sidelined 250 riders Blake Baggett and Ryan Morais leaves the team with one rider: Hunter Hewitt. Here's hoping for a quick comeback for all of these riders.

    The Taupo Tornado Ben Townley flew the flag proudly for his native New Zealand as well as for the Lucas Oils/TLD team with an excellent ride in the 450 class. Townley maximized his great start in moto two to pass Andrew Short and finish up in 2nd, for 2nd overall - his best finish ever in the 450 class.

    One of the most notable parts of the Thunder Valley facility is the deeply disced uphill start straight which, when coupled with the fairly high elevation of just about a mile above sea level, really lets the strongest engines shine. Here, it's apparent which teams (and riders) did their homework, and it seemed apparent to everyone who attended which riders would be the best choices for Team USA's 2010 MXdN squad, which of course will take to the track here at Thunder Valley in September.

    And last but certainly not least was the WMX race which finished up the festivities at Thunder Valley. In the ladies' 3rd round, it was another pair of runaway moto wins for DNA/Shredstix Yamaha's Jessica Patterson, who smoked the field without breaking a sweat. It was also Monster Energy/Kawasaki's Sara Price's first trip to the podium, as she paired her first moto 2nd place finish with 6th the second time out to grab the final podium position. Honda Red bull Racing's Ashley Fiolek continues to search for the speed that helped her to win nearly every moto last season. She's simply been out-classed this year by Patterson, who's been rejuvenated with her new blue bike and team.

    That's it for GrindTV's photo report from lakewood. The series resumes next weekend at the crown jewel of the series - Red Bud Track'n'Trail in Buchanan, Michigan. Check back here for full coverage.
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