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  • Intersecting Innersections

    Taylor Steele wants to be your friend on Facebook. Well, sort of. The man whose name has become synonymous with the modern surf video's (sorry Kai Neville, just give it a few more years) latest brainchild is rooted in social media. It's called Innersection.tv, and the premise is relatively simple: 1 surfer + 1 videographer + an Internet connection = a shot at gaining a clip in Steele's next video and walking away with a $100K prize purse. Anyone can enter, but if you're not dropping some sashimi-grade clips and a thumping soundtrack, you'll need to up your game to be taken seriously by the online voting panel.

    Structured around a four-cycle system--the first "winter cycle" ended in mid-April--the second level of competition is set to resume on Sataurday, May 6. With the five finalists of the first tier of Innersection setting a near-stratospheric standard, it'll be plenty interesting to see what some of the more established filmers and surfers bring to the table when the clips start raining in the next 24 hours.

    In a recent interview, Innersection frontman Nathan Myers envisioned the upcoming spring tier raising the bar and garnering a hefty mix of international entries.

    "Winter was the blind 'pioneer' round. People had no idea what was behind door #1. It kept a lot of people from entering. Now that they've seen the system, seen what people respond to and seen a few winning examples, I think we'll see a wider and more focused series of entries," said Myers. "I'm already dubbing this the International Round, with some surprises from unexpected places around the world. There are a lot of great surfers out there who's never had a forum to get noticed like this. It's exciting.

    A quick troll through the Internet validates Myers' predictions. Of the many videos a single upload away from dropping our collective maws, Canada's Jeremy Koreski (photog/videographer) and Peter Devries are adding a slushy, finger-numbing element to the mix. While avoiding the odd, roaming bear--they carry shotguns on surf trips up the Vancouver coast--and judging from the video below, the boys up north are set to be some real contenders in the next round. Keep in mind the teaser is stuff that didn't make the final cut.

    We'll be following the thinning of the Innersection clips as the cream rises. And rest assured, we'll be keeping you posted.

    Photo: Jeremy Koreski

    Channels: SurfFilm

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