• I am very happy I have gotten two great Sponsors the first is Steelmx/Optics and the other is Ripxx.I am very happy to be part of their family.
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    Lives In:dayton, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:June 22, 1966
    Heroes:My mother is my all time hero and she is very missed.She was my biggest supporter in everything I did.
    Music:I like a wide range of music from hard rock,classic rock,rap,hip hop,country,and metal
    Movies:ilike all kinds from the Riddick movies,The Underword series, The Bourne Series,I like fantasy movies,Mystery movies,Action movies.
    Shows:The CSI series, Without a Trace,Numbers,The Unit, Flashpoint,Cold Case,The Eleventh Hour.
    Interests:My interests are to be the best Photographer I know how to be and be very successful at it and do it for a very long time and to travel the world and see places like Rome, Spain,,London,Italy,Greece,Egypt.
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    My Monster photo's

    My Monster photo's

    4 years ago

    9 photos

    owens/ingram photography

    owens/ingram photography

    5 years ago

    15 photos



    6 years ago

    21 photos

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    Owens/Ingram Photography

    Friday, June 5, 2009 5:21am PDT (6 years ago)

    Here at Owens/Ingram Photography we take pride in everything we do from taking pictures to cropping and editing them as well. We have been taking pictures for many years now and me and my partner have decided to open our own business doing what we love to do.We offer our services as photographer and photo editors as well. We will make sure the picture is done to your specifications down to the very last detail. If you want rain in the picture we can do that if there is any kind of affects..


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