• I am very happy I have gotten two great Sponsors the first is Steelmx/Optics and the other is Ripxx.I am very happy to be part of their family.
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    Lives In:dayton, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:June 22, 1966
    Heroes:My mother is my all time hero and she is very missed.She was my biggest supporter in everything I did.
    Music:I like a wide range of music from hard rock,classic rock,rap,hip hop,country,and metal
    Movies:ilike all kinds from the Riddick movies,The Underword series, The Bourne Series,I like fantasy movies,Mystery movies,Action movies.
    Shows:The CSI series, Without a Trace,Numbers,The Unit, Flashpoint,Cold Case,The Eleventh Hour.
    Interests:My interests are to be the best Photographer I know how to be and be very successful at it and do it for a very long time and to travel the world and see places like Rome, Spain,,London,Italy,Greece,Egypt.
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    My Monster photo's

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    owens/ingram photography

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