• Recipe book reveals secrets of marwood cakes

    A recipe book has been launched to mark the fifth wedding of the tea room inside Marwood Hill Gardens near Barnstaple.

    Called Tea Room Treats, it features favourite recipes off the staff and volunteers who work at Marwood mountain, along along with delicate hand-drawn illustrations.

    All the brownies shown at the dish ebook are cooked on site at the Garden tea leaf home, using ingredients provided locally.

    Patricia Stout, property manager at Marwood mountain, said: "We got together almost all on volunteers and staff and had a big testing session of most of the cakes established by our fabulous cook, Debbie Broome.

    "We each chose our own favourite and these has become required in our specialized recipe book.

    "Along with the actual recipes, we have added some wonderful old african american and white photographs of our staff and volunteers when they were kids, that happen to be rather charming.

    "This little Paleo Recipe Book recipe book has recently any very friendly and personal feel which we hope reflects on nature of the gardens and the way people are work."

    As perfectly as celebrating the special anniversary this chick said the book was "a celebration of the commitment of everyone" involved at Marwood Hill Gardens.

    "We are like one gigantic family, and we love making our friends at the gardens and tea room feel quite welcome," she said.

    "Considering we exposed your garden Tea place five years ago it was a huge success. Visit us to find out more information on recipe for Australia, united state, Germany, U.K., Britain, France, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Italy.
    "Debbie's cooking skills have always been superb, and everything she makes is absolutely delicious.

    "We tend to be often asked for the recipes of our own cakes, so we thought it had been perhaps time to put many down written down. Our visitors often like towards choose a cake from us when people leave - our Christmas cakes are always very popular - but recognize it some everyone is also ready to try making our recipes themselves. Now they can."

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