• Jack Johnson loses cool, tackles Andy Samberg in bar brawl

    Jack Johnson is known for being a laid back guy.

    The Hawaiian born surfer/singer/songwriter has stayed true to his white sandy beach roots, which is why he's rarely seen in anything other than his flip-flops, T-shirts, and trunks. That's what made him the perfect target for Saturday Night Live comedian Andy Samberg, who parodied Jack's supreme coolness in a skit called "The Mellow Show" last year.

    But apparently Johnson's not nearly as mellow as Samberg thought. The two stars collided in an L.A. bar recently, and it seems Johnson had a serious bone to pick, because things turned ugly fast when Johnson jumped over a table to get to the comedian, and subsequently took him to the ground.

    Fortunately the police didn't need to be called, because the incident was all in good fun. True to form, Johnson has proven he can handle the ribbing. Samberg and his Lonely Island buddies were on hand to help make a spin-off of the SNL skit for Johnson's latest video, "At Or With Me," the latest from his "To The Sea" album that came out in June.

    Johnson's longtime friend, manager, and director Emmett Malloy had the busy task of wrangling all the cool cats on this shoot. Malloy has been working with Johnson since the late 90s, when they met while shooting and editing award winning surf movies like Thicker Than Water and September Sessions. Johnson, who studied film in college, later assisted Malloy on several music video shoots before his music career took off.

    It's good to see they're all having fun...even with themselves. Here's the video...

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