• Alex Olson: Artful Skater

    Skater, artist, bullshitter? Alex Olson goes on an "Adventure with Chris" (Nieratko) to one of Alex's art showings and Chris asks the question "What is art, Is art B.S.?"

    Whatever your thoughts may be, we think Alex is an amazing and stylish progressive skater and his art follows suit.

    Check out the behind the scenes and all the nervous butterflies before the art show on the 2nd installment of "Adventures with Chris" with Alex Olson presented by Vans...

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  • T&C Surf Designs: 40th Anniversary

    T&C Surf Designs turned 40 and the boys from Plan B went to Hawaii to celebrate, skate, and cause a little bit of trouble. The boys included: P. Rod, Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, Torey Pudwill, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, Danny Way and even funny man Nick Swardson was in the mix.

    In between skate demos and signings they found time for rock jumps into salt water pools, 3 wheeled scooter races, karaoke, and taking in all that beauty, that is Oahu.

    Check out video below of all the shenanigans.

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  • TransparentSea/ Billabong brings you rad music

    The TransparentSea voyage are out educating and doing good for the Ocean's and well, they are also making music, pretty frickin GOOD music.

    Featured in this song is Catherine Clark, surfer, Billabong model aaand musically gifted? Crap, Watch out. Have a listen to "Willing The Fog To Burn" and prepare yourself to be impressed:

    DAY 10 - WILLING THE FOG TO BURN by TransparentSea USA (feat. Catherine Clark)

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  • Element's Emerald Collection

    Element presents The Emerald collection which premiered this fall, a men's lifestyle line focusing on "Conscious by Nature" and premium,eco-conscious products.

    The line includes denim, knits, tees, hoodies and footwear--all made using organic cotton and recycled materials

    Some words from founder Johnny Schillereff:

    "Like so many people from our culture, we've matured, and so have our interests, taste levels and choices: but the love, passion, appreciation for our rich history has only grown stronger. From all of this came the concept of creating a collection that embodies these individuals and ideals, all the while inspiring and making a positive impact on our world."

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  • Van's Get-N Classic at California Surf Festival this weekend

    Vans' first ever surf film, Get-N Classic is showing down in Oceanside, CA at the
    California Surf Festival this Thursday, October 13th through Sunday, October 16th.

    The film will have a special screening Saturday at 5pm. and is available now to download.

    The four day festival hosts live music, art for sale, surfboards on display and more.

    Click Here for more info on festival and

    SPOILER ALERT you can also watch Get-N Classic below:

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