• TransparentSea - Episode 1

    More than just a three-hour tour, follow the art/film/music filled voyage of Dave Rastovich and his crew for the TransparentSea campaign, "an awareness campaign aimed at highlighting coastal environmental issues" with focus on whales and dolphins.This trip of surfers, actors, artists, and musicians head down the coast of California to Baja, Mexico, tracing the southern migration of the California Grey Whale.

    Check out the first episode below
    and their next stop will be On Sunday, October 16, 2011 he'll be at the Ocean Institute,Dana Point Harbor. Click here to buy tickets

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  • Volcom's Puff-Puff Give jacket

    It's October and the mountains are already getting the first dumpings of snow, and Volcom's down filled Puff-Puff give jacket is exactly what you need to keep you warm in the winter months. Not only that but when couch surfing it turns into a convenient little travel pillow.

    Check out the commercial where Micheal Sieben tries to use it as a parachute.

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  • Sacred Craft Expo kicks off this weekend

    Encinitas, Ca. -- With over 150 booths this year's celebration of the surfboard, the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo, is historically the largest consumer surfboard expo ever produced. Last spring's "Best of Show" winner Santa Cruz shaper Nick Palandrani and his Source Surfboards label leads a packed house of surfboard industry shapers, designers, manufacturers, brands and businesses. The event is open to the public on October 8 & 9 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

    Surfboard designer & futurist Carl Ekstrom will be honored at the expo during the Tribute to the Masters Shape-off competition presented by US Blanks. During this event, six shapers chosen by Ekstrom will shape a surfboard based on Ekstrom's asymmetrical design concept. Defending champion Matt Biolos of LOST Surfboards leads the field of six which includes San Diegan's George Gall, Tim Bessell, Ryan Burch and Daniel Thomson as well as Santa Barbara's Wayne Rich.

    Our relationship to the environment, as surfers and as an industry, will be highlighted in the Sustainable Craft Showcase, a shaping bay and laminating area dedicated to the manufacture of surfboards using more environmentally friendly materials such as wood, recycled foam and low-VOC resins. Shapers include Pat Rawson, Larry Mabile, Stretch, Ryan Lovelace, a Brian Syzmanski/Rob Machado collaboration, Ryan Harris, Gary McNeill.

    The Sacred Craft Collectible Surfboard & Memorabilia Appraisals is our version of PBS's "Antique Roadshow". We invite the general public to bring collectible surfboards and memorabilia to a panel of experts for appraisal. The panel assigns a value to the items, but more importantly they often uncover the provenance, or story, behind the value of the item. The public is urged to bring out your buried treasure!

    The Art of Shaping Los Angeles County Edition presented by Billabong is the fourth installment of Billabong's stalwart program to recognize the crucial role that shapers and board builders play in building our culture. Twenty four shapers have been selected from the Los Angeles area to build gorgeous and iconic surfboards for public auction at Sacred Craft on Saturday evening, October 8th.All proceeds from the auction benefit the SIMA Humanitarian Fund. Previously Billabong recognized shapers from Hawaii, San Diego and Orange County.The "Art of Shaping Los Angeles County Edition presented by Billabong" invitees include Scott Anderson, Joe Bark, Clyde Beatty, Phil Becker, Matt Calvani, Lance Carson, Con Colburn (Bruce Grant), Bing Copeland, Robbie Dick, Tyler Hatzikian, Brian Hilbers, Jeff Ho, Hap Jacobs, Dennis Jarvis, Don Kadawaki, Glen Kennedy, Greg Liddle, Casey McCrystal, Greg Noll (Jed Noll), Pat Ryan, Mike Starvos, Rick Stoner (Jeff Stoner), Dewey Weber (Jerry O'Keefe) and Michael Zippi. Public auction October 8, 2011, Saturday evening, 6PM @ Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo - Del Mar Fairgrounds
    For more information check out http://www.billabong.com/artofshaping/

    The Board Art Benefit, an event within Sacred Craft's Art Grotto, was created to bring leading artists together where they will have the opportunity to create live art on surfboards for the purpose of raising support for SurfAid International. The aim of the Board Art Benefit is to provide a great venue for the participating artists to showcase their work, to provide the public with a great chance to witness some of their favorite artists at work, and to support SurfAid International. The finished boards from this event will later be auctioned, with the proceeds benefiting SurfAid International.

    List of Collaborating artists/shapers
    Phil Roberts and Gerry Lopez
    Damian Fulton and Tyler Hatzikian
    Rick Rietveld and Jed Noll
    Erik Abel and Robert Weiner
    Heather Ritts
    Spencer Reynolds and Jeff "Doc" Lausch
    Wade Koniakowsky and Mike Hynson
    Matt Beard and Yohei Shiraishi
    Tyler Warren
    Drew Brophy and Ron House
    Ron Croci and Jon Birchim
    Robb Havassy and Rusty Preisendorfer
    Norm Daniels

    San Diego's Bird Huffman and Southern California's Surfing Heritage Foundation will both be displaying a premium selection from their respective and extensive surfboard collections at the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo. Each of the boards within The SOUL Project Quivers Lounge will have an informational card providing insight into the boards provenance and/or story. The SOUL Project Quivers Lounge is a place to chill, breath deeply and perhaps enjoy a cold Primo beer whilst taking in the two separate and select quivers.

    Korduroy.TV presents an eclectic array of short films and videos within the Korduroy Corner. The DIY experts at Korduroy offer up insight on surf culture with an emphasis on living life simply. Korduroy TV is a website spreading digital aloha. Through video how-to's, short films, rants and interviews they are creating a new platform for independent surf culture - a place where ideas can be shared that respect self-sufficiency, craftsmanship, and a surfing experience of our own design.

    Solarez (booth# 942) will be doing free ding repair at their booth for SACRED CRAFT show attendees. Simply go to their website www.solarez.com, pick a 30 minute time slot reservation and bring your board to the show! Polyester or epoxy, professional ding repairs will be done there swiftly using state-of-the-art materials. Time slots are limited.

    This year Sacred Craft has developed a Longboard Surf Skate Zone demo area complete cones, tarp, on other surf/skate gnar gnar. Top longboard surf skate brands will have boards available for demo. For the groms only, ...LOST Skates is putting on the Grom Slalom Challenge. All groms are encouraged to test their ability on the timed slalom course. The top six timed runs will receive a free ...LOST Skateboard.

    The SURFERS VILLAGE Music Stage features a unique blend of styles and characters. The lineup includes Kevin White's Pacific Jazz Guitar featuring Bridget Eliza; Boaz Roberts' Jazz Odyssey; Boo Stubbs & Friends; Wag Halen (a Van Halen parade -y); School of Rock V Team; Ekolu Kalama.

    Book signings include Mickey Munoz author of No Bad Waves in Patagonia booth #901; Chris Dixon author of Ghost Wave : The Discovery of Cortes Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth (location tbd); Mike Hynson - Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel in Boardworks Booth # 609

    15th St. in Del Mar is the early morning site for the surfboard and gear demo. Sunday morning Oct 9th from 7am -10am ; prior to expo floor opening on Sunday morning.

    Complete Schedule (subject to change)

    Oct 8 Saturday

    10am : Sacred Craft doors open to the public

    10:05am : Primo Paul cracks a coldy. Outside at Food n Beverage Kiosks

    10am Shaping : Ryan Burch - Tribute to the Masters Shaping Bay presented by US
    BLANKS honoring Carl Ekstrom

    10am Shaping : Ryan Lovelace - Sustainable Craft Shaping Bay

    12pm Shaping : George Gall -Tribute to the Masters Shaping Bay presented by US
    BLANKS honoring Carl Ekstrom

    12pm Music : Pacific Jazz Guitar featuring Bridget Eliza on vocals; outside on the
    Surfers Village Music Stage

    12pm Laminating : Entropy / EcoBoardWorks Sustainable Craft Lo-VOC Hand

    12pm Shaping : Brian Syzmanksi / Rob Machado - Sustainable Craft Shaping Bay

    1pm Book Signing : Mickey Munoz author of No Bad Waves in Patagonia booth #901

    1pm Grom Slalom Challenge : ...LOST Skates booth - Outside in the LB Skate Zone

    1:45pm Music : Boo Stubbs and Friends - outside on the Surfers Village Music Stage

    2pm Book Signing : Chris Dixon author of Ghost Wave : The Discovery of Cortes
    Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth

    2pm Laminating : Entropy / EcoBoardWorks Sustainable Craft hand laminating

    2pm Shaping : Pat Rawson - Sustainable Craft Shaping Bay

    2pm Shaping : Matt Biolos (defending champion) - Tribute to the Masters Shaping Bay
    presented by US BLANKS honoring Carl Ekstrom

    2pm Book Signing : Mike Hynson - Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel
    Boardworks Booth # 609 ; Limited Edition Hynson "E Summer"
    boards with 'E Summer" Poster.

    2pm Board Giveaway : SURFER magazine booth #317
    2:45pm Music : Wag Halen - outside on the Surfers Village Music Stage

    3pm Music : Boaz Roberts' Jazz Odyssey - The SOUL Project Quivers Lounge

    4pm Laminating : Entropy / EcoBoardWorks Sustainable Craft Lo-VOC Hand

    4pm Shaping : Daniel Thomson - Tribute to the Masters Shaping Bay presented by US
    BLANKS honoring Carl Ekstrom

    4pm Shaping : Larry Mabile - Sustainable Craft Shaping Bay

    4pm Meet & Greet : ISA President Fernando Aguerre picks up "E Summer" series
    board #1 from Mike Hynson - Boardworks booth #609

    4pm Music : School of Rock VTeam - outside on the Surfers Village Music Stage

    5pm Board Giveaway : Shubu inflatable in the Boardworks booth # 609 ; SURFER
    Magazine booth #317

    6pm : Sacred Craft Expo floor closes

    6pm Public Auction : Billabong's Art of Shaping LA County Edition benefiting SIMA's
    Humanitarian Fund

    Sunday Oct 9

    7am - 10am : Surfboard Demos - Ride the Sacred Craft boards at 15th street in Del Mar

    10am : Sacred Craft Expo floor open to the public

    10am Shaping : Gary McNeil (shapes Rasta's boards) - Sustainable Craft Shaping Bay

    11am Laminating : Entropy / EcoBoardWorks Sustainable Craft Lo-VOC Hand Laminating

    11am Shaping : Tim Bessell - Tribute to the Masters Shaping Bay presented by US
    BLANKS honoring Carl Ekstrom

    11:30am Shaping : Stretch - Sustainable Craft Shaping Bay

    12pm Music : Ekolu Kalama - Surfers Village Music Stage

    12pm Book Signing : Chris Dixon author of Ghost Wave : The Discovery of Cortes
    Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth

    1:30pm Shaping : Ryan Harris - Sustainable Craft Shaping Bay

    1pm Shaping : Wayne Rich - Tribute to the Masters Shaping Bay presented by US BLANKS
    honoring Carl Ekstrom

    2:30pm Laminating : Entropy / EcoBoardWorks Sustainable Craft Lo-VOC Vacuum

    2:45pm Judging : Carl Ekstrom, Rusty Preisendorfer, Stanley Pleskunas - Tribute to the
    Masters Shaping Bay presented by US BLANKS honoring Carl Ekstrom

    3:30pm Awards : Winner Announced - Tribute to the Masters Shaping Bay presented by
    US BLANKS honoring Carl Ekstrom

    4pm Expo Floor Closes - Sacred Craft Expo Ends
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  • Hurley X Nike X Otis College of Art and Design

    Hurley and Nike have teamed up with Otis college of Art and Design to create a mentorship and an Art/fashion exhibit to be featured at Hurley's H Space Gallery from October 20th to December 16th 2011, which will then be moved to display at the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, OR.

    The program focuses on students to gain not only fashion education but to consider the effects on the environment for sustainable products.Specifically to making the garments timeless, material reusable and recyclable,and creating low impact through the process of materials. The 18 look collection was unveiled at the Spring 2011 runway show at The Beverly Hilton.

    For full info, Read press release below:

    COSTA MESA, CA - September 30, 2011 - Hurley, in conjunction with Nike and Otis College of Art and Design, presents "Considered," an art & fashion-focused exhibit showcasing the works created through the tri-brand mentorship program created by Rosemary Brantley, Chair of Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design.

    "The problem today is that fashion has become disposable and unsustainable. It is our responsibility as teachers and artists to empower our students to design with consideration," explains Brantley.

    "Consumers of the future will choose brands that can find solutions to challenges without compromising design or aesthetic. Designers who excel at creating beautiful and sustainable product will be the leaders of our future."

    Students were presented with project parameters rooted in the Nike Considered Index Tool, which considers all aspects of the supply chain from origins of the fiber throughout the life of the product. With that platform in place, students were challenged to consider three themes.

    The first, Regenerative, is a focus on reusing, recycling or repurposing materials, garments or found objects to create new apparel expressions. The second, Heirloom, challenges students to create classic, timelessly valuable designs that improve with age and use.

    And the third, Sustainable Design, is a modern approach to design solutions, teaching students to consider low impact, environmentally positive supply chains and defy traditional approaches to apparel design through creative use of construction, materials and process.

    "For Hurley, the opportunity to support a design mentorship program rooted in sustainability and environmental awareness is one that makes perfect sense as it speaks to precisely who we are as a brand," explains John Cherpas, SVP of Design for Hurley.

    "This is more than just a fashion education. It is a consumer education, driving purchase behaviors that take into consideration the environment and sustainable practices in the fashion industry."
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  • O'neill's 60th anniversary commemorative book

    Founded in 1952, Jack O'Neill with his love of surfing created the first neoprene wetsuit and started the O'neill shop out of a garage in Santa Cruz.

    To commemorate their 60th anniversary O'Neill Launches Biographical Book, "Jack O'Neill: It's Always Summer on the Inside,"

    Press Release:

    The coffee table book traces journey of Jack O'Neill's invention of the wetsuit and the evolution of the iconic surf brand

    Santa Cruz, CA, September 29, 2011- The maverick, the pioneer, the legendary man behind the wetsuit and first surf shop, Jack O'Neill, celebrates 60 years of pioneering a revolutionary brand that changed the surf industry forever.

    O'Neill will be releasing a biographical coffee table book following the journey of the man whose passion drove him to create an innovative suit that allowed surfers to be the first in the icy waters of the San Francisco Bay and the last out.

    The 256-page, hardcover book written by Drew Kampion and published by Chronicle Books will be released on oneilleshop.com and other selected retail shops starting October 1. "Jack O'Neill, It's Always Summer on the Inside," will retail for $40 USD with a portion of sales going to Jack's own non-profit environmental education program, O'Neill Sea Odyssey.

    In 1952, Jack O'Neill opened the doors to the world's first surf shop offering wetsuits, surfboards, surf wax, travel bags, and more. Originally located in his garage, the successful O'Neill shop was relocated from his home, to San Francisco where the business began to boom, to finally Santa Cruz simply because according to Jack, "it had the best waves in California." The O'Neill Surf Shop is still located at 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz, California.

    Although Jack O'Neill has been numerously named the original surf industry innovator and entrepreneur, he does not remotely consider himself a businessman at all. "I'm just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer," says O'Neill.

    "By having the surf shop and inventing the wetsuit, it was my job to test out my products. I loved my job. My job was to surf."

    In the 1950s, the idea of being paid to surf was not an option. Currently, surfing is part of a $6.24 billion industry, according to a third party research conducted by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA). Starting as a garage-based surf shop and wetsuit brand, O'Neill has evolved to dominate not only with their products but also by sponsoring the world's best riders in surfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

    O'Neill's roster of athletes include some of the world's biggest phenoms in their respective sports including surfers, Jordy Smith, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World title contender and defending champion, 18 year old surfing wonder, John John Florence, and Malia Manuel, the youngest contestant to ever win the US Open of Surfing; Other action sport marvels include Snowboarder and X-Game Gold Medal Sebastien Toutant and wakeboarding legend Scott Byerly.

    O'Neill has also put their stamp on the fashion industry, with their women's line and have partnered with supermodel, Elyse Taylor, as the global face and ambassador of the brand through 2012.

    Jack O'Neill began with a vision to create an innovative suit and unknowingly he spawned an entire industry. Today, O'Neill is sold in more than 47 countries and is the number one wetsuit brand in the world. The brand is currently carried in core shops, department stores, and other mass retailers world-wide and is known for high-quality goods for men, women and children.

    "O'Neill has a 60 year history of developing the industry's best products," says Pat O'Neill son of Jack and CEO of O'Neill Wetsuits, "the brand was founded on my dad's passion to be the 'first in the water' and we infuse this belief into each product we produce."

    O'Neill continues their heritage as an innovative brand by introducing revolutionary products to the industry such as the Psychofreak, containing XDS technology making the O'Neill wetsuit the warmest and most flexible in the market; the Hyperfreak boardshort, the first multi-stretch, fast drying boardshort made with hyperstretch fabric; and the revolutionary Superkini, the bikini designed with NANOFRONT̉̉ technology, making the Superkini the first to have 200% more grip.

    "It was Jack O'Neill's persistence, vision, and innovation that inspired an industry that has spread globally. It is an honor to be able to tell the story of a man's journey to perfect a pastime that was once not as celebrated as it is today," says author Drew Kampion.

    Kampion has been a long time veteran of the surf industry serving not only as an author, but as a former editor of Surfer and Surfing magazine and has first handedly experienced the growth and expansion of O'Neill as previously holding the post of advertising director.

    "Surfing has been forever evolving since the creation of the wetsuit. Kids now are doing things I would never imagine," says Jack. Some of the most respected surfers and ocean-oriented icons, including Bruce Brown, Shaun Tomson, Robby Naish, Tom Curren, Fred Van Dyke, Ken "Skindog" Collins, and Jordy Smith help tell the story of "Jack O'Neill, It's Always Summer on the Inside" by illustrating the appreciation and awe of the passion of one man's vision to step up the game of surfing.
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