• Vans releases Stained collection of distressed shoes

    VANS California Authentic "Stained Collection"
    If you are like most people, when you purchase new shoes you want them to look
    brand spankin' new. Well, Vans has decided to go in the opposite direction with
    their California Authentic "Stained" collection, which consists of shoes treated with a
    brown dye that creates a "these shoes have been places" look.

    The shoes will run you about 65 bones for that worn-in style and come in light blue
    and olive green.

    Click on photo above to view different angles of the new distressed shoe.

    They are available now, in stores or online here.
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  • Go behind the scenes with Retro Super Future

    Take a step behind the scenes to see exactly how Retro Super Future gets their
    Super shades to rest so nicely on your face.

    From beginning to end Retro Super Future leaves no stone unturned, including
    everything from the acetate transformation process and lens production to the
    finishing touches of assembly.

    To put it simply, the people over at Retro Super Future made a somewhat ordinary
    manufacturing process visually remarkable, and the glasses are made in Italy, where
    quality is king.

    Check out all the beautiful manufacturing imagery in the video below:

    Manufacturing Super from retrosuperfuture on Vimeo.
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  • Etnies takes it to the streets

    Etnies takes it to the streets of downtown Los Angeles with their latest video
    promo, "DTLA," to prove that its Fall 2012 shoe and apparel collection makes the

    Team riders Ryan Sheckler, Devine Calloway, Joso Rojo, and Aidan Campbell test out
    all the gear and give it a good beat down.

    Etnies continues to combine quality, good looks, and functionality with every
    passing season. Their videos aren't so bad either.

    But don't take my word for it, check out the cool video above with music by
    Surferblood and decide for yourself.
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  • RVCA/Alex Knost Collection

    By the looks of it, Alex Knost is getting kind of fancy, and to complement his newest
    take on style, he has partnered with RVCA for a signature collection.

    With a look that is still laid back, the Alex Knost/RVCA collection includes an
    assortment of woven button-up shirts and cardigans; shiny, earth-toned nylon
    board shorts; corduroy and jean jackets; a string of wool dress pants aptly called
    the "fancy pants"; and a pair of tapered wool dress pants called the "telephone

    RVCA has released a 31-minute film titled "A Fall Into Somewhere" that
    accompanies the launch. The film follows Knost, Ford Archibold, Christina Kee, and
    Tanner Prairie on a nine-day road trip up the San Francisco coast. The film was shot
    by Jack Coleman, and all music in the flick is performed by Knost.

    "A Fall Into Somewhere" can be viewed above and downloaded here. The clothing
    collection can be viewed and bought here.
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  • Brixton Fall 2012

    Brixton Fall 2012
    Once again, Brixton has delivered on their latest video and collection, which is set
    for fall.

    Brixton's collection takes us on a spin with their signature style, which is filled with
    twill pants, chino shorts, tailored shirts, military jackets, full range button-ups,
    fleeces, flannels, T-shirts, and much more. To check out more of the line, click on
    photo gallery above, and to plunk down some cash for your own, go here.

    Don't forget to check out the video, which features super cool clothes and super cool
    music by Paul Cary titled "Ghost of a Man."

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