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    Name:Master Gomes Neto
    Lives In:Taubate, SP
    Birthday:February 18, 1970
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    Master Gomes Neto; Enrolled in the Regional Advice of Physical Education CREF4/SP 016653 He initiated in the Martial Arts in 1977 start to practise Kung Fu where if he graduated black band. He specialized himself in the following styles of Kung Fu Wing Chun Tao Kiun - Wing Chun Kung Fu Sisten - Chuan Tã Ísso Tsaí Kung Fu Tã Tao Lu (Specialty Shaolin Kung Fu) Courses that It possesss Course of formation of Instructor Course of Specialization (Professor) Course Technician of Combat and Routines of Arbitration of Kung Fu Kuo Shu carried through in the U.N.K Jundiaí-SP Course of Arbitration of Combat Wu Shu, carried through in a. Shao Lin de Kung Fu SP among others courses. Official course of Qualification of Masters Carried through for the São Paulo Federacy of Kung Fu and Brazilian Confederation of Kung Fu where it studied: General theory of the Chinese Martial Art - Methodology of Education of the Chinese Martial Art - Physiology of the Applied Exercise, Physical Conditioning I specify Basic and of High Level - Basic Concept of Anatomy, Cinesiologia and Biomecânica (for the College of Physical Education of S. Andres - SP FEFISA) - Chinese Martial Art for Child - Practical Chinese Language in Martial - Conversation and Writing Dialects in Mandarim and Cantonês - the Chinese Philosophy Applied - First Socorros, Eastern vision and Ocidental (USP) etc. It carried through some demonstrations, Courses and Lectures in the main organizations of Arts Martial Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It acted: as Managing Technician in the São Paulo Federacy of Kumitê, Consultant and Director Technician of the Federacy Brasiliense de Kumitê of the Federal District, Vice President of the Brazilian Confederation of Kumitê Official Entity of Administration of the Martial Arts (constituted of the federal law nº 8,672/93), General Secretary of the State Union of Instructors of Academies and Porting Associations. Currently she is President of a.G.K.F Wu Shu of Brazil. Responsible for the courses of formation and graduation of Instructors and Specialization (Professors) of the Faculty of a.G.K.F. General coordinator of Formation of the Team of the Elite and Special Group of the Kung Fu.
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