• Big Wave Legends and Billabong Celebrate at Noll Surfboards

    Noll Surfboards welcomed 600 friends and family members to their San Clemente shop and board gallery on Thursday, April 5 to celebrate the launch of their collaboration with Billabong.

    There were a few generations of big wave surfers on hand. Greg Noll and Greg Long signed limited edition "Billabong X Noll Posters" while the Kalama Brothers provided live music for the crowd to enjoy. An amazing collection of surfboards was also on display-- from classic wood guns to the board that Greg Long rode to win the 2009 Eddie.

    Billabong and Noll Surfboards decided to release three styles of clothing that capture the brash family spirit, including a "Surf Your Balls Off" tee, which was given to a few lucky attendees. But the most notable item, a limited reproduction of Greg Noll's iconic jailbird trunks were auctioned off last month.
    "Dad and I have never licensed anyone to produce the black and white shorts," said Greg Noll's son, Jed, of the decision to make just 200 of his dad's trunks with Billabong. "A lot of people have approached us and asked and until now we've said no because they're a special thing."

    While handing off a pair of the trunks to Greg Long on stage, Greg Noll kindly said of his big-wave successors, "These guys are doing way crazier shit than we ever did. We're glad to see that same stoke from the early days on the North Shore clearly embodied by Greg Long charging big waves today."
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