• California Recognizes International Surfing Day, Closes Many Parks

    As if you actually needed another reason to go surfing, the California State Assembly passed a resolution, June 18, that officially recognizes International Surfing Day in California. And everywhere else it's still unofficially just as much a surfer's holiday. Unfortunately, the resolution does not make June 20 a state holiday or grant you permission to skip work.

    The assemblymember behind the resolution, Das Williams, is an avid surfer from Santa Barbara, who learned to surf with his father as a kid. "I'd wake up, go surfing to start the day, take my shower at the beach showers," Williams commented to the Surfrider Foundation. "At that time in my life is when I began to see the beach and our beautiful coastline as the great equalizer in the community - we can all enjoy it."

    The symbolic show of support for coastal recreation comes amid the pending closure of 70 state parks on July 1, which are a part of massive state budget cuts. Some parks (as many as 16) may be saved from the closure list by non-profit groups. Other parks, some along the coast that are home to good surf, such as Moss Landing, remain slated for closure. And while recent news of the resolution might be an encouraging sign, the timing is bittersweet.

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