• Snowboarder Mag's The Launch Draws Top Young Guns

    Over the course of 4 days, 50 of snowboarding's best riders under the age of 18 gathered together for Snowboarder Magazine's yearly event, The Launch, presented by Red Bull. In 2012, this innovative event flocked to Bear Mountain, a resort that's famous for its flawless terrain parks and beach-like weather. It was no surprise that the park crew didn't hold back in building gigantic setups for the teeny boppers to quite literally huck themselves on. Transitions, jumps, redirects, and a massive step-down road-gap made up the latest Launch park.

    The Launch provides an opportunity for these up-and-comers to really show off what they can do to the snowboard industry, shedding light on the era of young guns of the sport. A lot of names attend the event that many might not recognize but after all is said and done, they make sure you remember them. Shreds like Mark McMorris, Zak Hale, Stefan Krumm, Jaeger Bailey, Blake Paul, and more all show up to throw down.

    The size and progressiveness of the course allows the riders to go insane. It's almost as if the intimidating layout inspires them to push the limits by going gigantic, spinning off everything with unbeatable style, and unstrapping to throw gnarly one-footed tricks.

    Snowboarder Magazine and all of the sponsors involved created an event that brings forth a new age of snowboarding by allowing these kids to go crazy and try new things in a playground they wouldn't find anywhere else. If you don't believe us, head to Snowboarder to read daily recaps and witness photos and videos that will make you pee your pants in astonishment.

    Photo: Snowboarder Magazine, E-Stone Rider: Cam Fitzpatrick
    Channels: Snow

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