• Summer of Hood: Where to go When You're Not Shredding

    Summer snowboarding on the glacier of Mt. Hood is an all-around ideal situation. Besides the fact that we all like being able to say, "I snowboarded in July," the weather stays as perfect as one can hope, the park set-up is always fun, and the people who show up to ride always have a smile on their face. The fact is though, unless you're participating in the Windells or High Cascade snowboard camps, the lift stops running at 2 p.m. And usually by noon the snow is as mushy as a melted slurpee.

    Luckily, we've compiled some local knowledge on the best spots to spend your time once you're done making turns at Timberline. From restaurants to hiking to lake swimming, we've got you covered.

    High Mountain Cafe - Nestled in the small town of Government Camp where most everyone staying locally resides, this cafe is home to the best breakfast sandwiches in town. Everyone needs fuel to kick-start a day of shredding and this is the place to go. Need more perks on High Mountain? How about free internet and cocktails with a kick.

    Charlie's Mountain View- Also located in Government Camp, this dive bar-esque restaurant is a popular place to grab a hearty lunch and dinner. The vibe is laid back but can get rowdy once the sun sets. Charlie's also has an extensive beer and wine list, with local brews that aren't available in most places.

    Cobra Dogs- This food stand has built a notorious reputation within the snowboard world. It was started by Cory Grove and Jesse Grandkoski (co-owner of Airblaster) in 2005 and saying that this is simply a hot dog vendor is an understatement. We're all craving something delicious and greasy after a long day of lapping and the menu at Cobra Dogs will satisfy all your needs. Choose from various types of dogs such as the Cheddaconda or the Very Veggie and then go all out with whatever toppings you desire. Their mission? To make it "the funnest food stand in the world."

    Trillium Lake - Located 7.5 miles south-southwest of Mt. Hood, this lake is a top spot for swimming, camping, and fishing. It is surrounded by campgrounds and is the usual destination for snowboarders and skiers to go and rinse off after a hot summer day on the hill (because we all know there isn't a lot of showering going on). The massive view of the glacier doesn't hurt either.

    Hike to Mirror Lake - This trail head is right off of Highway 26 a little outside Mt. Hood and is a gorgeous 3-mile round trip hike that takes around two hours. The easy trail is well-maintained and leads you up to Mirror Lake where you're greeted with more insane views of Hood. If you're feeling motivated, there is a connecting trail that leads you to the top of Tom, Dick, and Harry. However, if you're looking for a casual activity surrounded by an epic landscape, the Mirror Lake hike is the way to go.

    Photo: Trillium Lake, Lindsay Fraka
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