• True Color Films Releases "Day by Day" Teaser

    What better way to make your work day pass than enjoying a freshly released snowboard teaser? The Euro-based film crew, True Color Films, has sent over the trailer for their 2012 movie, Day by Day, and it's a breath of fresh air after enduring all these scorching summer days.

    Filmed in Europe, Japan, and Canada, the crew sought fresh powder and clean lines with a solid group that included Stephan Maurer, Nicholas Wolken, Thomas Feurstein, Rene Schnoller, Lisa Filzmoser, Christoph Weber, and Alvaro Vogel. From the looks of it, they succeeded. This teaser is made up of giant pow slashes, stylish urban riding, and snowboarders who aren't afraid to have a good time. Be prepared froth at the mouth. It may only be July, but this film will get you amped for winter the moment you watch it.

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  • Hollywood Prepares for 2012 Billabong Design for Humanity

    The action sports world will once again transport itself to the streets of New York on a backlot in Paramount Studios, Hollywood for the 2012 Billabong Design for Humanity. The fashion, music, and art-centric block party is popping off July 25 and will feature a steaming fashion show previewing Billabong's 2013 line, three concert stages, and plenty of DJ dance parties to last you a lifetime. Coupled with an art show entitled Unlearn | Relearn featuring the works of over 25 artists including Maya Hayuk, Deedee Cheriel, Justin Krietmeyer, Chris Betting, Lisa Solberg, Damion Silver and Mark Warren Jacques, this summer event has a history of making lasting impressions on anyone who makes it their mission to be there.
    The live bands you'll have an opportunity to rock out to this year include Walk the Moon, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, and headliner The Joy Formidable. It ain't summer without Design for Humanity and all the tanned bodies, impressive art, and unique fashion to go with it.

    What's a real party without a good cause to go along with it? 100 percent of ticket sales and a portion of the proceeds from the art auction and product collaboration sales are being donated to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, a new foundation aimed at supporting people, organizations and institutions that are committed to a better, more sustainable future through their work to improve individual family farms, the environment, as well as youth and education programs.

    Get your hands on a ticket here.

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  • Drink Water Introduces 'The Rat Race' at Mount Hood

    Amid the slew of highly competitive snowboard contests, laid-back and mellow events are much appreciated. A flood of pro riders are busy hot lapping the parks of Windells and High Cascade at Mount Hood at the moment, including the minds behind the company Drink Water-- Bryan Fox and Austin Smith. Drink Water is an organization that encourages people to simply drink water. On top of that, 10 percent of profits are donated to provide drinking water for someone in need.

    Fox and Smith used their combined superpowers once again to create The Rat Race, another hot mess of a banked slalom competition. And we mean hot mess in the best way possible. The driving force was to institute a fun and relaxed event at a mountain where everyone's friends are already in the same place at the same time. The summer slalom race looks to be something that will continue to come back and only get better each year.

    Listen to Bryan Fox and Austin Smith discuss their latest adventure in the video below:

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  • Summer Essentials at Mount Hood

    The 2012 summer of shred at Mt. Hood is well underway with the first three sessions down in the books at both Windells and High Cascade snowboard camps. The glacier is swarming with veterans, coaches, pro riders, and newcomers to the Hood experience. And while they are all there to have a summer of a lifetime, it's important to show up prepared to have the optimal trip. We hit up CAPiTA team rider Brandon Cocard and Rome rider Johnny Lazz for their list of essentials for a prime summer at Mt. Hood. These guys both have plenty of experience with the amount of time they've spent riding up there. Here's our collaborative guide to surviving the slush and sun while still having an amazing time.

    1. Bathing Suit and SPF: It's summer. Pretty much the only acceptable time to have a bathing suit while on the hill. More so, when you're done taking hot laps at Hood, there are a plethora of surrounding lakes to go rinse off the sweaty boot smell and do some swimming. And, to state the obvious, bring tons of sunscreen, kids. Those UV rays sneak up on you and sunscreen is one of the most essential items for a summer at Hood.

    2. Camping Gear: Sure, there are nearby hotels and cabins in Government Camp, Oregon, but that's just no fun. Even if you are staying somewhere like that, it's nice to get out into the Oregon wilderness while you're at the glacier. Bring your camping gear as an option for a change of scenery. Our recommendations for gear if you don't already own some? The Man Tent from Poler or The Napsack from Poler

    3. Skateboard: What's better than keeping the boardriding alive once you strap out of your snowboard for the day? High Cascade skate park lives up to the hype and is full of fun transitions and features. If you travel down the highway a bit you can find the Windells skate park as well. Even if you're not hitting up the parks, having your skate as a form of transportation is key.

    4. Hiking Shoes and/or Boots: Slaying the parks at Hood all summer surely motivates you to stay active throughout the rest of the day. Make sure you bring some shoes for hiking adventures or exploring. Also, not into chairlifts? Bring your most comfortable snowboard boots that can handle hiking the hill. For guys and ladies, try out the Salomon Exit 2 GTX. These kicks are designed for all-around outdoor versatility and include the magical capabilities of GORE-TEX.

    5. Camera: A definite must-have for an endless summer at Mt. Hood. You have to document the massive amount of awesomeness that goes down up there, as well as the gorgeous landscape that surrounds you. It's also a guaranteed 'make your friends' jealous tool. Disposable cameras are quick, easy, and essentially indestructible. Although, if you're looking for a permanent, solid, and easy to use camera, go for the Canon Powershot G12. There are older versions for cheaper prices. However, the G12 has an upgraded digital video camera as well as multiple aspect ratios to give you many more options for photo-taking than the rest of the G-series.

    6. Flip Flops: This is science. You need to air out those feet after all the work they do for you while riding. If you don't, it's highly likely they will develop some sort of permanent odor or bacteria.

    7. Cooking Supplies: This goes along with the camping gear. If the woods are your place of residence, it's time for some good ole fashion campfire cooking. It's important to be prepared with pots, pans, utensils, and/or stove. REI is a mecca for camping goods such as the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist ultralight cookset.

    8. Base Cleaner: With the summer temperatures melting the snow at a healthy rate during the day, more and more rocks, trees, and dirt start rearing their ugly heads. Make sure you keep your board's base clean and fast. The Dakine Supertune Base Cleaner is a good place to start.

    9. Lightweight Gear: The last thing you want is to continuously be ditching layers, wasting your precious shred time because you thought you just might "need" that extra hoodie. Stock your bag with lightweight, breathable outerwear so you are comfortable throughout your trip. Examples of some sick but functional pieces? The Holden McMillan Jacket, the Nikita Athena fleece jacket, Special Blend's Contra Freedom fit jacket, Burton's 2.5L Slick Jacket, and Burton's Women's Parlor Jacket.

    Photos courtesy of Windells
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  • Urban Ripper Dan Brisse Signs with Superheroes Management

    Superheroes Management is excited to announce the signing of its first client in more than eighteen months, international snowboard star, Dan Brisse.

    Arguably the best urban snowboarder on the planet today, Brisse's hardcore worth ethic and unstoppable attitude has lead to the nickname, "Blue-Collar Brisse". When paired with incredible talent and a passion for constantly pushing snowboarding's limits, the innate behavior has helped Brisse earn several closing segments in some of the best international snowboard films, as well as back-to-back gold medals in the first ever, X Games "Real Snow" video competitions.

    Brisse's remarkable feats have also lead to partnerships with the likes of several world-class brands including Volcom, CAPiTA, Union, Skullcandy, Park City, and more.

    Snowboarder Magazine Editor, Pat Bridges has this to say of the 28 year-old Minnesota native: "Dan can't just sit back and cruise. He is a driven rider with the singular force of progressing himself at every turn and with that our whole sport moves forward by quite literally leaps and bounds."

    On the heels of his incredible closing segment in Absinthe Films' "Nowhere", Brisse was nominated for the Transworld Rider's Poll Snowboarder of the Year alongside Gigi Ruf and eventual winner, John Jackson. He was also top 3 in Snowboarder Magazine's "Best Rider on Earth."

    Today, the versatile rider with urban and backcountry abilities offers his fans a chance to learn more about the many challenges of generating mind-blowing video and editorial content with his "Harsh Time of Real Snow" online series.
    Brisse says the decision to join forces with Superheroes Management is on that he carefully considered before ultimately pulling the trigger. "Signing with Superheroes Management is going to help me reach some important career goals which I have ahead of me. I believe we can really do some special things together and am definitely looking forward to this."
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