• Mammoth's Summer Bike Park

    As we cruised up a chairlift on closing weekend of Mammoth Mountain's 2011-12 winter season, we of course couldn't help but notice the rising bits and pieces of Mammoth's bike park as the snow turned to slush and puddles. It was hard to accept the end of the snowboarding year, but the fact that this epic outdoor bike playground would be opening soon kept our sadness at bay.

    Now the bike park is popping with activity. Any visitor to the park can choose from three types of terrain to embark on: Family/Cross Country, Downhill Freerider, and Enhanced Terrain.

    Family/Cross Country:
    Single-track: 70-plus miles of trail network.
    • Downtown/Uptown (easiest)
    • Paper Route (easier)
    • Trail Home (easier)
    • Off the Top/Beach Cruiser (intermediate)
    • Brake Through (intermediate)
    Downhill Freerider: Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Downhill: Highly technical and challenging to satisfy the taste of any thrill seeker.
    • Velocity (most difficult)
    • Bullet (most difficult)
    • Kamikaze (difficult)
    • Skid Marks (difficult)
    • Chain Smoke (most difficult)
    Mammoth's freeride network is growing. Seven new advanced-terrain trails have been built in the last three seasons:
    • Jill's Jumps (most difficult) A rhythm section of tabletop jumps down to the Adventure Center
    • Recoil (most difficult) the main jump trail, going all the way from McCoy Station to the dual slalom course in front of Main
    • DC-10 (most difficult)
    • Flow (difficult): try the optional Flow Drop, if you dare
    • Pipeline (difficult): The future of freeride-- metal, wood, and dirt ramps, take the blue line for tables, or the black line for required gaps. Here you'll also find platforms and wallrides
    • Shock Treatment (most difficult): fast, tight, with a series of wooden ramps
    • Techno Rock (most difficult): a fast, technical expert-only trail from McCoy Station to the Main Lodge with BIG rock drops and berms
    • Richter (intermediate): a fast, tree-lined roller coaster ride off Kamikaze and Trail Home. Ladders, wooden bridges and plenty of berms. This trail, when combined with Shock Treatment and the X-Zone, is part of a fun, freeride path from the top of the mountain.
    • Twilight Zone (difficult): this urban-inspired trail is our "signature" trail. Hang a quick right halfway down Chain Smoke and get ready to accelerate through a series of linked dirt berms and jumps, wood ramps, and the heart-pounding "deep-end": a 50-foot wide, 12-foot tall, wooden banked wall ride.
    Enhanded Terrain:Kamikaze Park is a place for advanced riders to have fun and test their skills on man-made features. Located near the lower Panorama Gondola Station, the park offers urban-inspired features including dirt jumps, a wall ride, a bridge drop and other features from the Unbound ski and snowboard Terrain Parks.

    The summer weather at this Eastern Resort allows for perfect bike riding days surrounded by awe-inspiring views. Mike Montgomery, pro freeride mountain biker, hit up the popular park and showed how it's really done on the slopestyle and freeride portion.

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  • My Collection with Jesse Burtner

    Since summer is technically snowboarding's off season, we're forced to find other things to stimulate us. Sure, there's surfing, camping, and fishing. But we're still ready to talk about snowboarding.

    My Collection is a video series created by kidsKNOW and it sits down with some of snowboarding's most prominent and influential personalities in the industry and gets the details of their snowboarding movie collections. Sit down with Jesse Burtner at Think Thank studios and hear him discuss the top movies on his shelf and how they affected him as a snowboarder and filmmaker.

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  • Superpark 16: Video Mega Post

    Mt. Bachelor played witness to some heavy snowboarding last month. Snowboarder Magazine's annual Superpark invaded the Oregon resort and top pro riders traveled from all over to throw down on the massive playground of a terrain park. For five days, filmers and brands documented the bangers and shenanigans that inevitably ensued.

    Snowboarder Mag's video showdown, Battle of the Brands, kicked off June 18, with 16 companies entering their own unique edit from Superpark 16 in order to win a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As one might expect, everyone brought their A-game because, of course, these beach-starved snowboarders want to get the hell out of the mountains and onto a sandy beach strewn with bikinis.

    Below we've included the Superpark video recaps to give you a feel for how insane the event actually turned out. To voice your own opinion on which brand deserves to head over the border to Mexico, vote in the first round HERE.

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  • Snowboarder Mag's Battle of the Brands 2012 Brackets Announced

    Snowboarder Magazine has unveiled the brackets for the 2012 Superpark Battle of the Brands contest. The video showdowns kick off June 18. Each brand has constructed their own edit from footage at Superpark 16 at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. The edits will be voted on by the public on Snowboarder Magazine's Facebook page. The motivation to win? A trip for five to the wet t-shirt contest haven of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
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  • Shred Film Look Back: Mike Basich in "Was Here"

    Is it November yet? The shakes and withdrawals due to lack of snowboarding have officially kicked in and the reality of the long months ahead have resonated. Although some might try to distract themselves with fruity drinks, beach volleyball, and roller blades-- we've gone a different route with our Shred Film Look Back feature.

    This may seem a bit more torturous. But we're content with reminding ourselves of all that went down this past season. This week we take a look back at Mike Basich's part in Flow's Was Here. This edit made our hearts skip a beat with all the massive mountain lines and deep pow slashes that Basich gets after with style.

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