• My Info

    Name:Makayla Bell-Salazar
    Nickname:Makayy (:
    Lives In:Carrollton, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:December 23, 1991
    Heroes:Omar Salazar (: Melanie Shriner! My mom and god
    Music:I like rap and Pop
    Movies:Notebook, Avatar, Blind Side, And lots more
    Shows:Mtv Bad girl club, South pak and Family guy
  • About

    Yeahh yeah yeah// Im Makayla (: Im alot to handle! You dont know trouble but i'm a hell of a scandal. Me, i'm a scene i'm a drama queen! I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen! =) Well.. Im pretty crazii** I am always getting introuble for stupid shit =] Im not an organized person and my room is always a mess.. I have an amazing boyfriend Omar! Im very loud :D Im never sitting around im always doing something.. Soo Yeaa Blah Blah Blah Go Suck A Dick :D