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    Lives In:North Carolina
    United States
    Birthday:February 18, 1994
    Heroes:jesus ,chad reed , ricky carmichal , jackie chan , and dad
    Music:Country and rock
    Movies:the notebook , dear john , sexdrive , gone in 60 seconds , pinapple exspress , the last song , the longest yard , fast and the furious , fast track
    Shows:Ghost Whisperer , Jackass ,Viva la Bam , Burn notice , Parental Control , Pimp my Ride , Lets make a deal
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    Skill Level: Amateur Athlete
    5 - 10 Years Experience
    1 - 2 Years Competing

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    cr 125 , crf 230 , kx 125 , kx 85

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    Its Simple im matt a small town country guy love to race. Im on a dirtbke almost anytime there are other sports to. Ill hunt anything love squirl dove and deer hunting. Fishing freshwater all the deepsea when i go to the beach. When not playin sports or workin im hangin with friends. Ive broke a few bones not many. Im dont drink or smoke
    big christian. Love to play guitar .

    for those who do drink and smoke dont mess up the body jesus gave u.
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    Posted by benedixtionary11 January 25, 2011 04:11am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    nice bike.........

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