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    Name:Mary Rose
    Lives In:North Haverhill, New Hampshire
    United States
    Birthday:January 22, 1989
    Relationship:In a Relationship
    Heroes:RFD FF Brett Raymond Sutherland Of Woodsville, NH 1965-2009.My Bf Anthony whos the love of my life..
    Music:Pop,Rock,Hiphop,so many more...Basically hardcore music, and music that sounds good as well as party music..if it sucs then i wont listen too it..
    Movies:Tons too many too list....Some comedies, action/suspense, horror and thriller..
    Shows:Shows that arnt childish, dont annoy and sure as have to make sense if it dont i wont watch...a few tv shows that i like: NCIS,CSI Miami, CSI NY, Sons of Anarchoy, and ghost whispers...
    Interests:I Love sports...although I have not done a lot..I have done a few...Right know though me and some of my closet friends are gonna be starting up a couple of great things...Jst..I'm game for pretty much anything!!
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    Skill Level: Intermediate
    10+ Years Experience
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    HI! My name is Mary..I'm 21..Live in a small rural town. MY Fav sport since its the only one Ive gotten into so far would be...Snowmobiling. I have been riding them since I was 8. I love the thrill.Currently working on trying other sports though...as well as putting a paint-ball team together...i am gonna start on motor-cross and a few others!!!

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