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    After More Than Two Decades Witnessing Death & Destruction, I Now Lead "A Rough Life" - I Spend Most Of My Time Being "A Lazy Surfing Beach Bum," When I Am Not "Teasing Beach Bunnies / Buckle Bunnies" At Various Beaches / Honky Tonks / Rodeos
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    Lazy Surf Bum 2

    Lazy Surf Bum 2

    4 years ago

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    "Lazy Surfing Bum"

    "Lazy Surfing Bum"

    4 years ago

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    "Major Pain"

    "Major Pain"

    5 years ago

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    "NSSA National Championships 2011" - Salt Creek - Dana Point, California

    Monday, June 20, 2011 9:34am PDT (4 years ago)


    College of Charleston in 1979, I was one of the early members of the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA).

    Today, (06/18/2011), I am Totally - Stoked !!!

    I have not been this Stoked since Bethany Hamilton took First Place during the NSSA National Championships 2005!!!


    (Shelby Detmers, Amy Nicholl, and Tia Blanco: "YOU GO, GIRLS !!!!")


    I Attended The National Scholastic Surfing..


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