• Live sheep exports blamed for recent Western Australia Shark Attacks.

    Live sheep exported from vessel
    Live sheep exports blamed on recent shark attacks in Western Australia
    . Five fatalities to sharks in WA in the past 10 months. The most recent attack this July 14th, 2012 on 24 year old surfer Benjamin Charles Linden at Dolphins Beach on Wedge Island in Western Austrailia.

    Spokesperson for the Animal Protection Society, Alexia Wellbelove, said "thousands of dead sheep ... either whole or minced" were being thrown overboard as ships departed ports for the Middle East "without care or consideration for the consequences"."It is highly likely that the disposal of animal remains in this way will attract large sharks over a wide distance".

    The Animal Protection Society says it has written to the West Australian and Federal Government with a documented list of shark attacks and presence of live export vessels, urging them to investigate possible links.

    Sydney's Avalon Beach is pictured after a shark attack on a surfer on March 1, 2009.

    Ms. Wellbelove says, "This list shows that on a number of occasions, and particularly over the past 10 months, there appears to be a strong connection between shark attacks and the presence of live export vessels in the area".

    Reports from local fishermen suggest that sharks are able to recognize individual vessels, meaning these live sheep export vessels will result in a concentration of the shark population when the vessels are present as the sharks look for an easy meal.

    How many shark attacks have occurred in Australia?

    Since 1791, there have been 689 unprovoked attacks recorded in Australia by the Australia Shark Attack File, 200 of which were fatal (29%). In the last decade, fatalities have occurred primarily in the states of New South Wales and Queensland, with the others in Western Australia and South Australia.
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