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    Lindsay Fraka

    Lindsay Fraka says:

    "big fan. burton did a andy warhol limited edition line too. trendy mctrendersons."

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    Kat Hoffman

    Kat Hoffman says:

    "These are siiiiiick! I like the quote you used by Warhol "Art IS what you can get away with""

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    Teddy Parker

    Teddy Parker says:

    "Damn you MORinformed. Always one step ahead of me... maybe two..."

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    Kat Hoffman

    Kat Hoffman says:

    "Gimmmmmme IT!"

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  • Alien Workshop x Warhol Deck Series

    AWS/Warhol Deck Series
    Your art conscience friends over at Alien Workshop bring yet another creative creation, as in the Andy Warhol deck series. The AWS crew hooked up with the Andy Warhol Foundation, and got permission to use some of the art legend's prints from hip Pop collection and Death and Disaster Series.

    Here's what the Aliens has to say about all this:

    "Art is what you can get away with." - Andy Warhol

    Alien Workshop is proud to introduce the initial, limited-edition collaboration offering with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. As the preeminent American artist of the 20th Century, Andy Warhol challenged the world to see art differently. This distinctive project presents a new approach to skateboard/artist collaborations by pairing
    unique examples of Warhol's groundbreaking artwork with each of the ten iconoclast pro riders sponsored by Alien Workshop.

    "We are delighted to see Andy Warhol's non-conformist spirit embraced by the talented and creative team at Alien Workshop. These pro decks are a testament to the profound influence Warhol continues to
    have on our culture," said Michael Hermann, Director of Licensing at The Andy Warhol Foundation.

    Featuring five pro decks with works from Warhol's Death & Disaster Series and five pro decks showcasing his iconic Pop works, the complete set is shipped in custom printed board box packaging inspired
    by Warhol's box sculptures from the 1960's.

    Each deck features full dip paint, top and bottom graphics and a collector deckwrap. Special P.O.P. will also be included with the first delivery of the ten packs for in store support and in celebration of this collaboration. These skateboards are produced under a license from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., The Campbell Soup Company and the Marilyn Monroe LLC.

    About Alien Workshop: Alien Workshop was founded in 1990 and has been an innovator and leader in the skateboard industry. Alien Workshop is available through DNA Distribution.

    About The Andy Warhol Foundation: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts was established in 1987. In accordance with Andy Warhol's will, its mission is the advancement of the visual arts. The Foundation's objective is to foster innovative artistic expression and the creative process by encouraging and supporting cultural organizations that in turn, directly or indirectly, support artists and their work. For more information about Andy Warhol and The Andy Warhol Foundation please visit www.warholfoundation.org or The Andy Warhol Museum at www.warhol.org.
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