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    Name:Alex Seyfert
    Nickname:mr skate it
    Lives In:lebanon, Pennsylvania
    United States
    Birthday:September 3, 1993
    Heroes:chad muska, rob D, Mike V.
    Music:death metal, slipnot, cradel of filth, papa roach, some hip hop, common, lil wayne, kid cudi.
    Movies:street dreams, pinapple express, borat, dawn of the dead,30 days of night.
    Shows:build to shred, 1,000 ways to die, camp wood ward, anything on fuel tv
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    whats up im 16 and I live in a shity town called lebanon PA . there is nothing here to skate THIS TOWN FUCKIN SUCKS!!!!!!! i ride a alien workshop board with spit fire wheels and rob dydrek trucks. I wass born in pittsburgh PA. if u want to know any more send me a messege

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    Posted by mattskates54 July 7, 2010 08:44pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    you should go to l.a. they have the sickest skateparks there


    Posted by alonzoskater2 January 27, 2010 04:19am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Damn man sounds like your town fucking stinks badly i went to the PA it was a little boring

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