• Stewie: Stand back Brian, I'm preparing for my vault.
    Brian: You can't vault inside the living room, you're gonna to get hurt.
    Stewie: Ya, I'll get hurt right onto a wheaties box.
    Brian: I don't see that happening.
    Stewie: Ya, who cares what you say... You're a dog... You can't see colors... which means you can't see the colors of the American flag... Commie!
    (Vaults and hits the china set cabinet. Hits the floor.)
    Stewie: Huh, I think I'm ok...
    (Looks up and notices glass protruding from his forehead.)
    Stewie: AAAAAA! Aaa... Uh-oh. UH-OH! Uh-ooohh... Oh God! Somebody... Do I take it out or do I leave it in, do I take it out or do I leave it in AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
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    Name:Nathaniel Howe
    Lives In:That road at that place... You know... With the turn...
    East Bum-fuck, Maine
    United States
    Birthday:August 7, 1992
    Heroes:Ummm... Rodney Mullen, Kareem Campbell, Ellissa Steamer.
    Music:Scream-o and most types of metal. I like some punk rock too.
    Movies:Umm... Don't really have one.
    Shows:Family Guy
  • My Sports


    Skill Level: Advanced
    5 - 10 Years Experience
    1 - 2 Years Competing
  • About

    Ok, I'm about 5' 9". Real skinny, I'm from Spain originally. I skateboard and play guitar... Um... What else should I pt here? I'm open to suggestions.

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    Spring Re-Cap Commercial

    Spring Re-Cap Commercial

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